My Cat Is An Alien / Painting Petals on Planet Ghost : Two Day Residency with guests OLD MAN DIODE + The Marbles Jackson

My Cat Is An Alien

My Cat Is An Alien
THURSDAY 24 November 2011
w/ Old Man Diode

Tickets : £8 adv / £10 door

Painting Petals on Planet Ghost
FRIDAY 25 November 2011
with The Marbles Jackson
Tickets : £8 on the door


Door Times : 8pm


2nd night of My Cat Is An Alien's two day residency. They will be present the premiere concert for their Painting Petals on Planet Ghost project where the brothers are joined by their long time collaborator Ramona Ponzini.


MY CAT IS AN ALIEN (MCIAA) is the duo of radical instantaneous composition and audiovisual art formed by brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio in late 1997. They started their activity in Torino, Italy, before moving in a remote region of the Western Alps. Multi-instrumentalists, they primarily play electric and acoustic guitars, various toy instruments (so-called 'space toys'), modified electronics ('alientronics') and a wide set of percussion. Roberto Opalio's personal use of wordless vocalizations adds human voice as a further instrument in the list. 
MCIAA's work range over many artistic activities: musical performance, films and videos, audiovisual installations, photography, painting and drawing, poetry.

On their own Opax Records, they release vinyls, tapes, cds and dvds, whose unique handmade art-edition style represents the esthetics of the duo, giving a strong and peculiar visual aspect to all MCIAA's works.

MCIAA have set up multimedia collaborations with vanguards such as Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Christian Marclay, Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke, Loren Mazzacane Connors, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Nels Cline, Text of Light, Steve Roden, Mats Gustafsson, Enore Zaffiri and many more.

"[...] Roberto and his brother Maurizio are the highly advanced lifeforms crewing the mysterious starship that goes by the name of My Cat Is An Alien (MCIAA), plotting a quixotic course through three millennia of cosmic music, from the celestial drones of the Pythagorean monochord onwards, to land up in the gravity-free realm of the No-mind.[...]" - Tony Herrington, The WIRE

My Cat Is An Alien website


Painting Petals On Planet Ghost is the project formed in 2004 by brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio aka My Cat Is An Alien, together with their long time collaborator Ramona Ponzini.

The whole idea behind the project started with Ramona developing a peculiar research concerning the use of Japanese ancient poetry as privileged source of texts apt to be set in music.

PPOPG immediately grow by itself as a band, focused on Ramona’s Japanese chant, based on her own choice of specific texts which bring back to the atmosphere of ancient Japanese courts and gardens, and accompanied by the Opalio brothers' peculiar work on classic and electric guitar melodies, soft drones, toy piano and keyboards, field recordings. To complete the oeuvre, Ramona’s use of Japanese bells and wind chimes which recalls the atmosphere of the minimal sounds of the theater of the Rising Sun.

The cherry blossoms come into flower with the first work of the band called 'Haru' (“spring”; Time-Lag Records, USA 2005), inspired by a masterpiece of the Japanese ancient literature, The Kokinshū.

It is with the second album, 'Fallen Camellias' (A Silent Place, 2007), whose lyrics are all poems taken from Yosano Akiko’s Midaregami (“Tangled hair”), that PPOPG definitely conquer the esteem of the Japanese audience, critic and press.

In particular the staff of legendary Japanese label PSF in the person of Hideo Ikeezumi decides to publish the third PPOPG work 'Haru No Omoi' (2009), selectioning tracks from the previous two albums and adding exclusive bonus material.

Painting Petals on Planet Ghost website


Sonic craftsman Jo Wills presents Old Man Diode, a collaborative masterclass of deep electronic soul rippled with cloak-and-dagger suspense and dance-floor edge - truly a step into the future of electronic music.

Old Man Diode and Rick Holland present a dedicated collaborative project of future releases, utilizing not only these two talents, but those of their featured artists. Open Blue is the first track to be released, incorporating the beautifully soulful qualities of singer/songwriter Beth Rowley. Further collaborations feature the haunting yet restrained vibrato of Chris James - lead vocalist with Stateless (Ninja Tunes), Onallee - the largest voice of Roni Size's iconic drum and bass troupe Reprazent, and multi-instrumental and pioneering jazz composer and vocalist Andrew Plummer. The live show can take on many forms from Diode's solo show to adding in Guy Wood's intricate live drums (deathray trebuchay, I.R.O.K.) to all the guests on one stage.


The Marbles Jackson is a London based band, formed in 2009 by a fundamental need to do something new musically. When an artist, NaoKo TakaHashi joined a force with Terence Kirkbride, it was something which could not be ignored. Terence and NaoKo performed together a spoken word piece at Raven Row, London for Resonance FM and Terence worked on Noel Gallagher's forthcoming album "Morpheus". Terence’s experience with his unique drumming and NaoKo’s artistic approach to music create the distinctive sound of The Marbles Jackson. That is a hybrid of lo-high urban folk, blues and filmic soundscape. The Marbles Jackson is currently working on their debut album (release date to be confirmed). It is sure that it will be an exciting phenomenon.