Slavoj Žižek - History is made at night: A 24-hour event to launch Less Than Nothing

Slavoj Zizek

5.30pm Friday 15 June 2012 - 5.30pm Saturday 16 June 2012

Tickets for entry to the Zizek talk are now SOLD OUT. Entry after 10.30pm is £4 or free for reading participants. Entry for all is free from 7am on Saturday...


History is made at night: A 24-hour event to launch Less Than Nothing Seminar, talk and reading of Slavoj Žižek's masterwork on the Hegelian legacy

We are pleased to be working with Verso to present History is made at night: a special event over 24 hours to launch Less Than Nothing, the new book by the radical philosopher, polymath, film star and cult icon, Slavoj Žižek.

The event will start with a seminar introducing the thought of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel given by philosopher and writer Iain Hamilton Grant. Žižek will then give a talk, and there will be an opportunity to ask questions and have books signed during a break after the talk.

“Only when the dusk starts to fall does the owl of Minerva spread its wings and fly.” Hegel, Philosophy of Right

An overnight read-in for night owls and dreamers will begin at 10.30pm: a collective event of reading and performing philosophy, bringing into play the questions around language, subjectivity and experience explored in the book.

Sign up to take part in the reading here. Verso will send you a confirmation email once they have worked out the precise schedule.


17.30 (Friday): Doors open
18.30-19.30: Introducing Hegel—a seminar with Iain Hamilton Grant
20.00-21.30: Talk by Slavoj Žižek & book signing
21.30-22.30: Break & doors open for reading
22.30 (Friday)-17.30 (Saturday): Readings from Less Than Nothing

£12: Entrance to Žižek's talk. This ticket price also allows you to stay all night for the readings.

£4 on the door: Anyone not signed up to take part for the reading only.

Free: Saturday daytime will be free from 7am until closing.

Other information:

Less Than Nothing will be available to buy at a special discount. Žižek's other books will also be available to buy.

We have secured a 24-hour license and will also be serving coffee and tea all throughout the event. Hackney council, incidentally, was much puzzled by the notion of a 24-hour book launch.

Feel free to bring pillows and cushions.