Jean-François Pauvros

Jean-François Pauvros is a French musician, electric guitarist and improviser. Initially influenced by guitarists like Jimmy Page , Sonny Sharrock and Derek Bailey, he has played with the likes of David Holmes, Elliott Sharp, Keiji Haino, George Lewis, Jacques Thollot, and Rhys Chatham. He founded the group Red Hammer with composer Jean-Marc Foussat and drummer Makoto Sato, plays in duo with harpist Helen Breschand and trio with Christmas Akchoté and Jean-Marc Montera. He has also participated in readings and performances with the poet Charles Pennequin and Japanese poet Gozo Yoshimasu.

"Heavenly music by two very dark angels performing very, very quiet guitar improvisations. Makoto Kawabata is one of the gods of Japanese psychedelia while Jean-François Pauvros is a denizen of the French underground. The duets are not to be confused with the quietude of Taku Sugimoto, for instance, who coaxes the odd note out of his electric guitar just now and then hangs back to enjoy the silence, though there is much silence here, too. Rather they work very delicately with feedback and the bowing of strings and bringing subtle effects into play." - Motion Reviews