Laurence Crane

Laurence Crane has slowly built a reputation as a unique and mysterious figure in contemporary composition. He works with familiar, almost clichéd tonal elements, arranging them in ways that appear ridiculously straightforward, but with results that are unexpected and often achingly beautiful.

As Michael Pisaro has said: “One of the several mysteries of Laurence Crane’s music is how its apparently normalised structure subverts itself. This is often music of tonal harmony and four bar phrases. It never goes on too long. It is hardly ever abrupt or unexpected. Logical. Clear. Orderly. Quiet. Yet it is also, to my ears, quietly crazy, even absurd in its extremely understated way….If I have learned anything from Laurence’s music it is that “the ordinary is not.” I’ve also never run into anyone who knew his music who thought it was as simple as it appeared.” 

“A metaphor for thinking about my work is the idea of walking through a landscape, where the landscape remains essentially the same, but little details in it change, or come into and out of focus as you walk through it. So your experience when you’ve got to the endpoint will have changed, but the landscape itself has not changed much.” - Laurence Crane