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Matilda Rolfsson

Matilda Rolfsson is a Swedish percussionist / free improviser, based in Trondheim Norway. During the spring 2015 she was temporarily based in London where she finished her masters in free improvisation and the relationship between improvised music and dance at Trinty Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. During her London stay Matilda got the chance to meet and play with some of Londons most efficient improvisers: Phil Minton, Sylvia Hallett and London Improvisers Orchestra with Maggie Nichols.

With her 20, vintage Gretsch base drum, tibetan bowls, gongs, bells and plastic isolations, sticks, fingers and brushes Matilda explores the free improvisation and the instant compositions shaped in the moment, dynamics, orchestrations- structure and chaos. To make rules and break rules, always with the question: where’s the music going, and where's the freedom?