Thursday 4 August 2016, 8pm


No Longer Available


The core of the AMM All-Stars is: PETER BAXTER (The Park, Public Library rhyme times, Cornershop project, "the new, purer Jamie Muir") drumset; BEN WATSON a.k.a. OUT TO LUNCH (2pm Wednesdays on Resonance FM since November 2003) vocals, keyboards; PAUL SHEARSMITH (Echo City, FunKingPoets, KMat,The Fujii) trumpet, hosepipe didjeridoo, pBone; IRIS WATSON (Soho Parish School Senior Rock Band) Yamaha Digital Keyboard; MORDECAI WATSON (Soho Parish School Junior Rock Band) harmonica; and LEN MASSEY (Fear, Esemplastic Tuesdays) Moog synth. Formed five years ago as the musical wing of the Association of Musical Marxists (when Mordecai was three), they have weathered scepticism, outrage (among anthropologists and anarchists) and expulsion to become an ever-entertaining, ever-evolving critique of value production in music (i.e. of tedium). For this event with bassist Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, they have invited in stringent electro-chemical agents from the North (NATHAN BETTANY, oboe; MARIE THOMPSON, sampler; BEN MORAN HEALY, dancing; T.H.F. DRENCHING, Dictaphone) plus the explosive mix of Hawaii and Sacred Steel provided by London's top lapsteel player PAUL SEACROFT. A special vocal section led by JOHN PLANT (Diary), ESTHER LESLIE (Birkbeck) and DAVE BLACK (IMHO) will deliver interstitial marxist oratory; UNKANT PUBLISHERS will stage a bookstall.


Bassist and composer JAIR-ROHM PARKER WELLS is the AMM All-Stars' favourite bass player after George Duvivier, but we couldn't book George because he's dead.