Thursday 12 January 2017, 7.30pm

Photo by Liam Taylor

AMM All-Stars

No Longer Available

AMM All-Stars emerged as the "musical wing" of the Association of Musical Marxists - improvised entertainment for the comrades - but are currently an independent unit. The involvement of Jair-Rohm Parker Wells - harmolodic electro-bassist, creator of the "Geechie drone concept", author of albums which plunge instrumental prowess and stinging sexuo-social commentary into advanced electronic treatments - has fattened the AMM sound. New to the group since their last appearance at Cafe Oto is electric violinist Helen Tate (from Spanner Jazz Punks) and special guest Trevor Watts, improv forefather and alto sax legend. Founder All-Star Paul Shearsmith learned trumpet in John Stevens' workshops; while Watts was a founder member of John Stevens' legendary group the Spontaneous Music Ensemble. John Plant from Diary will read specially-written poetry, and you will hear accordion from Mordecai Watson and yamaha keyboards from Iris Watson. Meanwhile Peter Baxter (drums), Out To Lunch (piano, vocals, manipulated soundfiles), Paul Seacroft (lapsteel) and Len Massey (Theremin) continue to supply the ever-shifting dotty detail which causes some bright sparks to say the AMM All-Stars are the English answer to Kraut Rock.

Excerpt from an online album called MWMIF Meet AMMAS, where Melbourne's Music With My Insane Friend improvised with London's AMM All-Stars, with the former's Simon Bereux "playing the part" of Trevor Watts...

Support band is Gabba Zappa Hey! who do echt thrash pogo versions of Frank Zappa songs you never heard in your life.

On top of that, this gig also launches a book: Liquid Crystals written by Esther Leslie, published by Reaktion. Your price of admission gets you a severely cut-price copy.