Monday 4 January 2016, 8pm


No Longer Available

Welcome in the New Year with the great percussionist Terry Day and more special guests to be announced!

Peter Urpeth / piano
Neil Charles / bass
Terry Day / drums
Joe Wright / saxophones
Adrian Northover / saxophones
Dawid Frydryk / trumpet


First Set : Peter Urpeth / Neil Charles / Terry Day (trio)

Second Set : Peter Urpeth / Neil Charles / Terry Day / Joe Wright / Adrian Northover / Dawid Frydryk (sextet)

Terry Day

Terry is an improviser, multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, song writer, visual artist and poet. He is a ‘first generation’ pioneer improviser from the 1960s.

A self-taught musician in a family of musicians, he began improvising on the drums with his brother in 1955. In the early 1960s he formed the Hardy Holman Day trio focusing on free improvisation. Later he became part of Kilburn & the Highroads, a band led by Ian Dury.

Sharing their interest in visual art and painting, Terry and Ian both studied at Walthamstow School of Art and later at the Royal College of Art, London. As an art student in the 1960s he was a pioneer of improvisation, free jazz & experimental music.

Day also formed a duo with Derek Bailey in the late 1960s and was a regular member of The Continuous Music Ensemble, later known as The People Band. Since then he has collaborated with many musical luminaries, groups, dancers, painters, poets and performed in theatre, events, and rock & roll.