Sunday 17 December 2017, 7.30pm

Bouge+ (Isabelle Duthoit / Luc Ex / Hannah Marshall) + Phil Minton / Lauren Kinsella (duo) + Isabelle Duthoit

No Longer Available

5 highly physical musicians whose music springs from a honed connection to body, visceral expression and group dynamics.

'Bouge' originated in a trio with trombonist and long time playful presence on the Berlin improvised music scene Johannes Bauer who passed away last year. His collaborators have started to continue the group's activities by inviting musicians who are exploring the further corners of group performance and pushing boundaries of expression and instrumental technique to different limits, embracing simplicity and space as much the emittance of sounds, textures and qualities that can only arise from a deep connection to the moment and both respect and irreverence to forms, structures and meaning. Punk, Japanese vocal technique, song, chamber music, noise, jazz and folk music, will all be thrown into the mix. There is no way of knowing what will take place. The only way to know is to come along and find out for yourself.

Isabelle Duthoit
'completely intuitive, totally possessed by her uninhibited, extrovert feelings' Eyal Hareuveni
'an intensely gripping listening experience' Michael Ternai

Luc Ex
'By masterfully utilising everything at his disposal to create, Ex inspires resourceful thinking from each member of the ensemble, challenging them to create and think in different ways' Donovan Burtan

Hannah Marshall
'She reinvents melodic lines, provides spectacular harmonic intervention, and sets the pulse around which of the music revolves' Raul D'Gama Rose

Phil Minton
'Minton is the most thrilling singer we have, with a mesmeric passion so fierce that his performances glow as brightly as Blake's own Tyger' Phil Johnson

Lauren Kinsella
'As compelling as a virtuoso instrumentalist, as alluring as the most enigmatic poet' Ian Patterson