Saturday 29 September 2018, 7.30pm

Photo by Mark Rietveld

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics return to the UK for a rare visit and welcome return to Cafe Oto.

The extra PA has been hired and earplugs ordered in.

The classic three-piece lineup of Russell Haswell, Philip Best and Sarah Froelich will be blasting their coruscating mix of piledriving beats, performance poetry and confrontational electronic music. Including live debuts for tracks from the new CE state-of-the-nation album ‘Airless Space’ (Harbinger Sound).

Quietus said: this is no easy ride, but if you follow Consumer Electronics as they strip bare the caustic facade of modern living, you will find power and, yes, beauty in the dark recesses they reveal.

Louder Than War said: a glorious collision of punk, electro and techno noise ... the chaotic soundtrack to a country that feels equally as spinning and weird