Monday 12 February 2018, 7.30pm


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In 2016 Cyprien Busolini (viola) and Deborah Walker (cello), members of the French ensemble Dedalus, started a collaboration with the composer and vocalist Yannick Guédon. Together they have been working on a composition called “l’insistance des possibles” (the insistence of the possible). In this piece, imitation is the basic element. By revealing the irregularities in successive repetition attempts, it shows the impossibility of exact duplication. As a result, it activates the ability to notice very slight differences. The musicians follow a script consisting of processes to be implemented. Their activity is mainly a reaction to what they listen to. The piece leads to a way of listening between consciousness and unconsciousness, that makes us attentive to the presence and variation of surrounding sounds, which interact with the discontinuous thread of our thoughts.

Yannick Guedon

Yannick Guédon is a French born composer, singer and performance artist. His work focuses on tiny variations of timbres, inner pulsation sensations and subjective notions of time, silence and error. He pays particular attention to the place and context of each musical performance.
He’s also working with composer Eliane Radigue on Occam XXII, a piece for solo voice.

He has performed with/for the following musicians, composers and ensembles among others : Didier Aschour, Antoine Beuger, Rodolphe Bourotte, Jean-Christophe Camps, Philippe Cornus, Pascale Criton, Mattieu Delaunay, Bryan Eubanks, Loïc Guénin, Jean-Brice Godet, Catherine Lamb, Rebecca Lane, Thierry Madiot, Michael Pisaro, Carole Rieussec, Michael Schmid, Patrice Soletti, Roland Hayrabedian's contemporary chamber choir and Dedalus ensemble.

He has worked with the visual artists Gregory Edelein and Thomas Bernardet, and the choreographers Chazallon&Chaput, Philipp Gehmacher, Marcos Simoes&Lilia Mestre, Sara Manente, Varinia Canto Vila and Rémy Héritier. Since 2002 he has been involved in several site specific performances by the choreographer Laurent Pichaud.

Cyprien Busolini

After completing his viola studies on classical repertoire, Cyprien Busolini has mainly focused on improvisation and contemporary music. Improvisation has led him to work on new fields of sound, in search of non-melodic and non-harmonic parameters.

He has also worked with composers like L. Naon, H. U. Lehmann, T. Johnson, J. L. Guionnet on solo and ensemble compositions. He works regularly with dancers, actors, improvising or composing music for plays. He is regularly invited to music workshops on improvisation for children. He plays regularly with ensemble Dedalus, ONCEIM and with Fratres, an early music ensemble based in Lausanne. He has made recordings with Dedalus, ensemble Diagonal, Garth Knox and Frantz Loriot.

Deborah Walker

Deborah Walker is a new music performer and improviser based in Paris. She is interested in multiple forms of music creation related to the exploration of sound and interaction with other art forms. In 2007 she became a member of Dedalus, a variable experimental and contemporary music ensemble, which has collaborated, among others, with Tom Johnson, Christian Wolff, Antoine Beuger, Jürg Frey, Sébastien Roux.

Since 2008 Deborah has worked with Pascale Criton, a French composer involved in microtonal experimentation and the use of various scordaturas with micro-intervals. Recently she has recorded different compositions, from solo to ensemble, for the CD “Pascale Criton - Infra”, released by the French label Potlatch.

In 2012 she started a long-term collaboration with Eliane Radigue, a French pioneer of electronic music, who is now focusing on works for acoustic instruments. Deborah plays regularly with the violinist Silvia Tarozzi. Together they have premiered works by Eliane Radigue, Pascale Criton, Tim Parkinson, Philip Corner, in Europe and the US. Deborah Walker is currently working on a PhD about Fluxus performances and editions in Italy at the Universities of Lorraine and Bologna with a focus on the activity of the American Avant-garde cellist Charlotte Moorman.