Wednesday 3 February 2016, 8pm

Drew McDowall + Helm + Acolytes

No Longer Available

Mesmeric double bill of electronic music pushing at the edges with Drew McDowall (Coil / Psychic TV) and Helm.

“His sets are nothing short of captivating; bringing the spectator to full attention and rendering entire rooms completely vulnerable, leaving those present emotionally pulverized to the point of near devastation. Seeing Drew McDowall live is an experience of equal parts pain and beauty. Simply put, It is the work of a master.” – Noisey

Drew McDowall

McDowall formed art-punk trio Poems in 1978 with his then-wife, Rose McDowall. During the 1980s, McDowall was a member of Psychic TV. McDowall performed with Coil regularly for several years, becoming an official member in 1994. McDowall currently is a member of the groups CSD (formerly Captain Sons and Daughters) and Compound Eye (with Tres Warren of Psychic Ills). The notoriously reclusive musician, who resides in New York City, has done a number of public performances for the Modular Synthesizer Solstice and Equinox series in Brooklyn, beginning in 2012. In March 2014, McDowall provided the score to Are You Okay, a short film written by Bret Easton Ellis for the "Are You Okay?" single by Dum Dum Girls.


From his base in London, Helm (Luke Younger) has come to the fore as a crucial voice in experimental music today. With a palette that draws from electronic music in its broadest sense, Helm's work is marked by the thrilling unknowns of exploratory sound practices, and loaded with a tearaway's attitude. It's euphoric, narrative-driven music, but it has its despairing qualities. Helm operates the label ALTER, though much of his work has appeared on the highly revered PAN. This includes 2015's acclaimed album Olympic Mess, a crowded work of influences set in congested dub.


Acolytes is the moniker for one of Britain’s most mercurial musical figures, D.Shan. Whereas many artists lay an explicit trail of influence Acolytes probe a wide variety of forms both past and present to concoct something utterly refreshing, compelling and new. By it's fundamental creation and design, this is computer music, albeit one of a very different nature to the current standards in the field. The works of Acolytes spiral around their own logic creating a thick layers of warmth and confusion: a vapour haze of suggested melody and melting meaning.  Rhythm and texture are the basis for songs which co-exist concurrently as a larger malleable form twisting amongst a baffling and engaging whole. The lack of any quantifiable genetic musical order puts the works of Acolytes into a basket frequented by few: a unique new music without peer or reference.