Friday 21 July 2017, 7.30pm

Duality: Flora Yin-Wong + Petit Singe + Hex

No Longer Available

In Taoism, ‘天' (Tiān), often translated as ‘Sky’ or ‘Heaven’ signifies the celestial aspect of the cosmos. Its counterpart and complement is ‘地’ (Dì), representing the element of 'Earth’. These two aspects are indicative of the dualistic nature of Taoism, and are thought to maintain the two poles of the Three Realms of Reality.

London-born, producer, writer and DJ, Flora Yin-Wong curates an evening showcasing new electronic artists from across different cities whose work touches upon various themes of duality, in their respective cultures, sounds or practices.

Flora Yin-Wong

London-born, Chinese-Malaysian producer, writer and DJ, Flora Yin-Wong works with field recordings, dissonance, and influences from contemporary club culture. Her debut releases via Berlin label PAN's ‘mono no aware’ double LP, and 'City God', a tape release on New York’s PTP - were inspired by Daoist traditions in regards to tutelary deities and the afterlife - and will have forthcoming material due on PAN this year. Besides contributions to Objects Ltd and Caridad Records alongside Lolina, Amalia Ulman, Oliver Coates etc, she has remixed Giant Swan’s Mun Sing, J Colleran, Halcyon Veil's Celyn June, Eaves, Scintii, and bod (Danse Noire) etc.

She has performed live at the likes of New York’s ISSUE Project Room, Somerset House, Volksbühne Theatre Berlin, and Cafe OTO and the V&A Museum where she has been guest curator, and played at 3HD Festival, Berghain, Corsica Studios, Barcelona’s Razzmatazz, and across Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Beijing, Sydney, Milan, Antwerp, Brussels, Copenhagen, Bratislava, and guested on NTS Radio, Know Wave, Boiler Room, and BCR etc.

Petit Singe

Petit Singe ( is an Indian-born, Milan-based producer set to release her second EP on Haunter Records. Hazina Francia's avatar was created in 2012 as an outlet for her to explore vague reminiscences of her heritage, as well as old school Adriatic House, and the darker side of dub and techno. Her new EP represents "a moment of an existential ceasefire, a space for sensuous reflection through spiritual fatigue... Her transdimensional approach is prone to punctuate the spiritually intense quality of her taste for melody with heavy barrages of drums into psychedelic stupor." 


Hex is a duo comprised of two London-based musicians/sound designers whose debut EP was released on Mute sub-label Liberation Technologies. Almost a year on, Hex will be bringing their intensely crushing sound for a performance exploring the extremes we see and face in the modern day. The show will present unheard new music from the duo, including forthcoming material out later this year plus exclusive edits and remixes. 

Valerio Tricoli x Christopher Gray - ‘Slow Black With Ruins’ (screening)

'Slow Black With Ruins' is a short film commissioned for Italian composer Valerio Tricoli last year with experimental video director Christopher Gray (MM studio). Whilst documenting an age-old religious ceremony shot in the region of Salento in the South of Italy, the film uses highly modern methods of digital/film manipulation.

The haunting film follows what is known as the ‘Processione Delle Desolate’, a yearly event where devoted veiled women, covered entirely in black cloth march in weighted procession, reciting a hymn of measured pain. When the footage was completed in December 2016, Tricoli decided to sample the sound captured by the on camera microphone as the foundation for a new original piece, inspired by his works throughout his PAN-released LP, ‘Clonic Earth’. Gray deploys a new visual method, normally associated with enhancing the detail of a 3D model to convert film into a layer only associated with depth. These surfaces were then layered and blended to create a disorientating voyage in a haze.