Monday 2 September 2019, 7.30pm

Emmanuelle Parrenin + Padang Food Tigers

Emmanuelle Parrenin sings (in French) and plays the hurdy-gurdy, various harps, the thumb piano, the spinet des Vosges, the dulcimer, singing bowls… Founding figure of the revivalist folk scene in France, she toured everywhere and played with Gentiane or Melusine, as well as Didier Malherbe, Vincent Segal or Alan Stivell.

She is however best known for having recorded thirty years ago an enigmatic and beautiful album, “Maison Rose” highly sought on e-bay: where ultimate post-folk meets trad and experimental electro-acoustic.

This album was reissued on the spring of 2017 by Souffle Continu Records , along with Perelandra , a compilation of previously unreleased music from 1978 to 1982.

Padang Food Tigers

London duo Padang Food Tigers, aka Spencer Grady and Stephen Lewis, have recently released their fourth long-player, Wake Up, Mr Pancake, via Texan imprint Blue Hole Recordings.

Following previous prized releases on Northern Spy, Scissor Tail and Bathetic, plus gigs with Charalambides, Ashley Paul, Alex Ward and C Joynes, they continue to direct their instrumental focus on the subtle chicaneries of homestead and blood tie, glimpsed through an increasingly palimpsest reverie of guitar, dobro, field recordings and banjo, recollecting moods redolent of Virginia Astley, Scott Tuma and, most certainly, Bruce Langhorne’s The Hired Hand soundtrack.