Saturday 30 April 2016, 8pm

Photo by Brian Flanagan

From Here Then To Now: Lynched + Stick In The Wheel + John Kirkpatrick

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“Ripping apart the preconceptions surrounding folk music” – Clash Music

We play the music of our people. We sing in our own accents. We record in our kitchens and living rooms. This is our culture, our tradition.

East London folk band Stick In The Wheel present their label's first weekender, with performance and talks about neglected traditional culture, featuring the often ignored, but seminally important figures in this scene, to engage with a wider, non-traditional audience. Two consecutive days - pagan Beltane festival and Workers' May Day - realigned with performances by Dublin folk miscreants Lynched, Stick In The Wheel, Wolf People's Jack Sharp, Men Diamler, and talks (tbc), secret guests and other interruptions.

Stick In The Wheel - Alan Moore blessed, Rough Trade East picked, Radio X sessioned, Guardian ordained, 2016 nominees for Radio 2's Folk Awards - Best Group & Best Trad Track. Their critically acclaimed 2015 album is pointedly titled "From Here", and From Here a label grows.

Lynched - self proclaimed "folk miscreants" of Dublin City - whose mojo continues to rise with sell out shows and rave reviews scattered in their wake (and thumbs up from Sleaford Mods). Their self released album "Cold Old Fire" shot them into the folk world limelight - also nominated for Radio 2's Folk Awards - Best Album AND Best Group.

Plus a tip of the hat to a previous folk generation....Special Guest Mr John Kirkpatrick
One of England's finest free reed players, a stalwart of the 1960 & 70's folk/rock-folk scene.
He's guested with most of the known folk world and beyond; Pere Ubu, Viv Stanshall, a core member of the Richard & Linda Thompson band in their magical 1970's incarnation.

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They tried to bury us. They didn't know that we were seeds.


- Lynched
- Stick In The Wheel
- John Kirkpatrick