Wednesday 12 April 2017, 7.30pm

Glorias Navales + Xu Shaoyang + Sholto Dobie

No Longer Available

Delighted to host Chile’s Glorias Navales as part of their very first European tour. The group get together regularly in a private space in Santiago to jam out a type of late night campfire trance music, bridging the gap aesthetically and stylistically between Chilean folk music (ala Violeta Parra) and ramshackle post-Velvets psychedelia. Their sound – crafted on acoustic guitars, violin and stomp box – have resulted in stunning releases; ‘Carta a Maureen Tucker’ ETCS and ‘Cofradia Nautical’ on Graham Lambkin’s KYE label. Join us for a raw, unvarnished walkway straight into heart the of the contemporary Chilean underground.

Xu Shaoyang

Xu Shaoyang has mastered a beguiling sophisticated-naive style overflowing with humanity and beauty and that's what makes this Chinese musician so special.

He is a collaborator of the rather splendid cult errant pop group Maher Shalal Hash Baz, and like the Japanese collective his songs pick apart conventional ideas of musicality by embracing fragments, happy accidents and the spirit of amateurism. "

Sholto Dobie

Sholto Dobie is a Scottish artist and musician based in London. He performs live with diatonic symphony hurdy gurdy, concertinas and voice as well as other small portable instruments. He is also founder and curator of the event series Muckle Mouth.