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Tuesday 15 June 2021, 7.30pm

Glynmoog - 'Moon Story' Film Screening

No Longer Available

OTO hosts a special screening of the debut film/album by Adam Matschulat's side project Glynmoog.

The project takes its name from the imaginary mountainous village that this project inhabits. It is the hometown of our main character Fay Moogi.

'Moon Story', the feature length fully animated film/album, is an instrumental synthwave tale which exists in an 8-bit universe; it draws aesthetic inspiration from Super Nintendo games from the 1990's - it inhabits the safety of this comforting nostalgia and in it, the project aims to open up a reflection on trauma, dreams and friendship.

screening starts at 21:00


Adam Matschulat

Adam Matschulat is a self-taught composer and producer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Based in London since 2007, his approach to composition and performance are deeply influenced by his background in poor theatre and musique concrete. He also runs the independent label Resterecords and award winning sound studio The Listening Tower where he works as a sound designer and studio engineer.

Currently in the process of composing the second part of a concrete piece with both sound recordings and footage solely from its title place ‘Formosa’ in rural South Brazil.


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