Wednesday 20 December 2017, 7.30pm

Goodiepal & Pals

No Longer Available

Goodiepal & pals is a refugee organisation disguised as a contemporary Tek-Rock-Band - conducted by Faroese / European-master trickster: The Goodiepal

All the money that band makes goes straight, to stranded refugees - on the outskirts of the European borders.

The band lives in Novi Beograd in Serbia & is by any way not sad to ask for huge fees for concerts or events since every Euro they make going straight back to Serbia and - refugee aid…

The band have been active for 2 1/2 year and has toured Europe intensively.


Goodiepal or Gæoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen, whose real name is Parl Kristian Bjørn Vester, is a controversial Danish/Faroese musician/composer. The eccentric and self-made Goodiepal has influenced the course of modern music through radical excursions into computer technology and media art. Until recently he has been employed as a teacher at DIEM (Danish Institute for Electro-acoustic Music) at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark. Goodiepal declared intellectual war against the stupidity in modern computer music and media art, which is to say against The Royal Academy of Music, when he quit the job in 2008. As per 2012 he lives somewhere in Europe and is married to the road.

"[His] utterly transfixing homemade musical contraptions and decidedly eccentric set-up, featuring a table filled with strange models of planets and a glass-caged metallic bird, had the whole audience rapt, not knowing whether to laugh or cry at the unconventional beauty of his astonishing performance." - Susanna Glaser, THE WIRE