Friday 8 September 2017, 2–4pm, OTO Project Space

Photo by Ebru Yildiz

OTO PROJECT SPACE: Greg Fox Drum Clinic

No Longer Available

Drummer Greg Fox offers a rare drum clinic for drummers and non-drummers alike.

Topics covered will include his polyrhythmic path and development as a drummer throughout the various projects he has participated in, a demonstration of his personal Sensory Percussion system and a walk-through demonstration of how he goes about creating the virtual environments in which his solo work lives, moellar and mini-moellar stick technique, some electro-acoustic performance, and a question and answer session.

Greg will talk about how drumming is connected to the heart, creating music via the process of internal tuning, I Ching, and how to differentiate between the potential and the actual. Besides the demonstrations (which will be performative), Greg will be keeping it somewhat esoteric and metaphoric so it will be easy to connect to for those who don't play drums.

Limited to 20 participants.

Greg Fox - ‘The Gradual Progression’

The Gradual Progression is a transformative collection of new music by Greg Fox. The seven pieces of The Gradual Progression activate spiritual states through physical means, Fox’s rigorous inner rhythms the mandalic vessel for unbound expression and arrangement. TGP signals both a reconciliation of disparate musical ventures and a new nirvanic stage in the artist’s oeuvre.

Fox views TGP as an exploration of selfhood, and more specifically, the search for his true voice as an artist. Though such a journey is by nature ongoing, if not essentially elusive, the discoveries along the path are the musical riches of TGP. For his second solo album, Fox employs new methods of externalizing his polyrhythmic virtuosity into non-physical realms.

This transfer of energy is achieved through responsive environments tethered to various aspects of the performance. Sensors attached to Fox’s drum kit trigger tonal palettes, or virtual instruments invented for each piece, which Fox communes with in the post-Free Jazz manner. That is, locating and emphasizing states of universal resonance in solo and ensemble settings in place of demonstrating individual ability.