Saturday 4 November 2017, 10am–6pm

OTO PROJECT SPACE: Happened presents: Alöis Yang – “Micro Loop Macro Cycle”

No Longer Available

Happened presents sound installation “Micro Loop Macro Cycle” from Alöis Yang, in conjunction with the Taiwanese Experimental Music live performance at Cafe OTO.

“Micro Loop Macro Cycle” brings an environmental cycle system to a generative sound installation, that reveals comprehensive sonic information about the dynamic states of present time and space.

Water is the main subject of the piece, the most comment substance on Earth which carries life and exist almost in every biogeochemical cycle systems. Water is highly connected to the surrounding conditions: from large scale environmental changes to molecular scale like: energy waves and chemical substance. Through studies of different states of water, it bring insights on understanding systematic interactions, and also provide measurement and evidence of our relationship with the nature.

The focal point of this installation is to present how a tiny event – a drop of water form the melting ice, in a given cycle system creates feedback loops that eventually can be seen as the whole. And also how every aspects inside the system – air temperature, moisture, physical materials, architectural characters, presence of the viewers, are interconnected and capable of revealing the bigger picture by its own.


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