Thursday 17 November 2016, 8pm

Huerco S (live set) + Sad City + Stuart Leath (DJ)

No Longer Available

Huerco S. is Brian Leeds. The Kansas native, artist, producer and DJ is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. He has released music on labels such as Future Times, Proibito, Opal Tapes, and Software. Ritual and organic; navigating balance, groove and dysfunction, clarity and concealment.

“It’s often hard to imagine that any of these patterns were played by hand at all; they feel aleatory, as though generated by arcane processes, like the movements of swallows over an open field, or the molecular behavior of melting ice.” – Pitchfork

“Leeds isn’t mourning something lost so much as constructing his own speculative fiction, a bootstrap collage of past and present, real and invented.” – FACT

Sad City

Sad City is Northern Irish producer Gary Caruth's Glasgow-based electronic music project. Repetition is key here. Subtly transforming percussive loops and field recordings work together to build dense new sound environments within which Caruth's melodic pieces formulate and intertwine with often disfigured spoken extracts.

His debut LP 'Shapes In Formation' released in July via Emotional Response and Meda Fury has been met with widespread acclaim, garnering support from the likes of Andrew Weatherhall and Gilles Peterson.

"This is deep, subtly deconstructed house music, with its feet in a classic tradition and its head lost in reverie." - Resident Advisor

Stuart Leath

As founder of 3 labels under the Emotional Recordings banner (E Response, E Rescue and Especial) as well as co-running the obscurio label Sacred Summits, it is surprising Stuart Leath (aka Chuggy) has time for travel and play records, but over the last few years he has again been delving through his vinyl collection.  Playing around the live sets this evening, expect drone, ambient, avant and esoteric sounds to emerge.  

Stuart Leath