Saturday 20 January 2018, 7.30pm

iDEAL 20 – Jasss + Sewer Election + Johan Zetterquist + Joachim Nordwall + DJ Allon Kaye

No Longer Available

Founded by Joachim Nordwall in 1998, experimental Swedish label iDEAL celebrates its 20th anniversary at OTO. To celebrate, the first 100 people through the door will receive an exclusive iDEAL CD featuring exclusive material by John Duncan, Sewer Election and Joachim Nordwall.


JASSS (Silvia Jiménez Alvarez) is a sound artist and producer raised on the Northern coast of Spain. Her parents were passionate about jazz, African and South American rhythms, which became some of the most formative influences in her life.

From an early age, her fascination with sound drove her pursuit of understanding the relationship between music and people. She left Spain to launch this endeavor, leaving behind a social and cultural landscape from which she felt increasingly alienated. Feeling fractured in focus, she began shaping a theme from the distractions, channeling it into new works.

The punk and hardcore roots of her youth evolved into a deep plunge in industrial, dub and experimental music—worlds of sound that were evocative in mystifying, inaccessible ways. After moving to the Netherlands in 2010, she began editing field recordings and probing the worlds of electronic music and soundscapes. She moved a year later to Berlin, where she scored several experimental films.

In 2015 she made her first appearance as a DJ with a distinct, eclectic style that would become her signature approach. After a few years of studio work, her first 12 inch, Caja Negra EP, was released on the American label Anunnaki Cartel. Her second record, Mother, was released that same year on the Italian label Mannequin Records, followed by Es Complicado, on the same label. These days, she is focused on the experimentation of sound and spaces, working on several projects including electroacoustic pieces, live, and audiovisual performances. Her first solo album, Weightless, was released in 2017 on the Swedish label iDEAL Recordings.

Sewer Election

Sewer Election is part of the inner circle of iDEAL and has an unique power to transfer hopelessness into sound. His recent LP "Malign" for iDEAL is something different from what we expected. But it's a ultra powerful listening experience. "Malign" is a hopeless, melancholic and depressive record. If you had any hopes for the world, "Malign" will erase them. It's real, honest and dark negative energies stuck on tape. Never ending bad vibe guitar melodies, noise, field recordings and tapes - "Malign" is for everyone not into being comfortable. Dan Johansson has never been as minimal as here, his music has echoes of the NYC downtown music scene of the 60's, post war sound art from Germany and pre war noise from Scandinavia.

Johan Zetterquist

About his recent debut LP for iDEAL:

iDEAL is proud to present the debut album by Gothenburg-based artist Johan Zetterquist (b.1968). It contains three monuments, pieces that should probably be seen more like sound sculptures or documentations than compositions. The shape they come in is profound drone metal. Zetterquist’s art is often provoking and filled with attitude, absurdity and warmth. These pieces are no exception.
Previous solo exhibitions have included the massive ”Kill The Poor, Eat The Rich” (Göteborgs Konsthall 2015), ”Studies for a Monument” (Invaliden1, Berlin), ”God Bless the Children of the Beast” (collab w Marc Swanson, Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm).

STUDY FOR A MONUMENT were recorded live with no overdubs.

Instrumentation: Gibson SG, amplifier, effects.

Joachim Nordwall

Joachim Nordwall (b. 1975) is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. He has a long background in the Swedish experimental music scene, starting out with recordings with the psych-drone duo Alvars Orkester as a teenager in 1988. His early interest in psychic tension created by sound is now as ever present in his music. His ”Soul Music” albums for Entr’acte shows his deep interest in circular rhythms, analogue synth loops and mind expanding experiments. Nordwall has also released his music on labels like Ash International and Hospital Productions. From 1999-2005 he was sweating with the avant punk rock trio Kid Commando and when that stopped he created the ritual drone rock group The Skull Defekts. Nordwall also runs iDEAL Recordings since 1998 and has been collaborating with artists like Aaron Dilloway, Mika Vainio, Mats Gustafsson, Leif Elggren, Gabi Losoncy, Mark Wastell and Christine Abdelour, and he is a busy organizer of festivals and concert nights in Sweden and abroad.

Allon Kaye

Antwerp-based Allon Kaye runs the tasteful, and well designed experimental music label Entr'acte and is dj'ing a well chosen selection to celebrate 20 years of iDEALism!!!