Wednesday 31 January 2018, 7.30pm

In House – Bent Fang / Amy Dickson / Adam Matschulat / Billy Steiger

No Longer Available

Bent Fang, Amy Dickson, Adam Matschulat and Billy Steiger perform In House. Drawing a connection between their individual practices through a shared interest and sense of the performance space.  

Bent Fang

nourishing a relationship with the shadow realm
gardening with bits of broken sound

Bent Fang

Amy Dickson

Amy Dickson works with video and live performance. Light, time and place are a main source of inspiration for her work.

Adam Matschulat

Adam Matschulat is a sound artist and producer from Sao Paulo, Brasil. Based in London since 2007 he makes experimental music with influences rooted in musique concrete, industrial noise and acousmatic music. His performances contrast with his studio work as it focuses on the space and often unfolds with improvisation with chance based electronic processing. He also runs the independent label Resterecords.

Billy Steiger

Billy Steiger was born in Howth on the 16th December, 1986. Now he plays the violin.

“Then he sat down by a pond and began to play a tune. As he played, the most extraordinary thing happened. One by one the fish in the pond began to jump out and fly about in the air. And what is more, they were all different colours and they were singing to the music.”

Patrick, Quentin Blake.