Saturday 15 July 2017, 3pm, OTO Project Space

OTO PROJECT SPACE: Infinity >< Sound

No Longer Available

Infinity >< Sound come back to OTO Project Space for an all day event exploring drone music and meditative sound, blurring the boundaries between sound healing, sound art, free improvisation, sound installation and performance.

- 15:00–1800 Collective drone consciousness.
Free event! Everybody welcome to join in, no need of any particular musical skills just bring any sustained drone instrument (acoustic or electronic) and add it to the drone or simply come and enjoy!

- 20:00–10:30 Gong concert by First Quarter a collaboration between Simone Salvatici and Ali Gunning.
Large Symphonic, Planetary and custom made gongs will be blended with the drone from synths and other electronic sustained instruments to take the listener into an inner musical journey and facilitate a contemplative space.

The aim is to create a dimension that facilitate the listener to enter an altered state of consciousness, reflection and contemplation therefore bringing the audience to a deeper state of the 'Here and Now', with an increase of awareness of inner time and space.

You are very welcome to bring a blanket, cushions, or anything to enjoy the sound for as long and in the way as you may feel/need.

About First Quarter

Simone Salvatici is a London based, multi-instrumentalist, composer and sound practitioner whose music has been often associated with the Minimalist, Ambient, Drone genre.
His projects are characterized by the disclosing of contrasting elements, resulting in a fragile balance between two polarities continuously evolving.

Ali Gunning is a sound healing practitioner, yoga therapist and yoga teacher based in the UK, traveling regularly in India. She is passionate about sharing sound, breath and movement practises that bring transformation on all levels of our being, within all areas of life. She specialises in work with the majestic gong, an ancient tool for raising consciousness.