Friday 14 July 2017, 7.30pm

Photo courtesy of The WIRE

Joanne Robertson (solo) + Blue Shit (Mica Levi solo guitar set) + ZKsnarks (duo) + KOOL MUSIC (band) + Max Brand (solo)

No Longer Available

Joanne Robertson’s recent music releases include ‘Black Moon Days’ Feeding Tube, ‘Wildflower’ Escho. Joanne has collaborated, recorded and toured with Dean Blunt, albums include ‘The Redeemer’, ‘ Black Metal’, ‘Stone Island’, ‘Skin Fade’ and ‘Wahalla’

‘The songs on Black Moon largely proceed from the avant-volk tradition Joanne first explored on The Lighter. One can hear shards of Sibylle Baier’s deepest darkness in these acoustic moments. But there’s also electric material that is rougher, and more indicative of the wandering approach Joanne takes to rockist songwriting — open form, open chord squalls of quiet brutality leavened by sweet vocals and lulling cadences. Her poetry, painting and music all have the same binary quality — they pour sugar directly onto raw wounds in a way that is healing and transformative. Alchemical, I guess.’ - Byron Coley

The Monday Club

debut performance

George McFall
Clean George IV, Cling Clang
Keiron Livingstone
Jack too Jack, Long Meg
Steven Claydon
Add n to (X), Jack too Jack


‘there was once
a heavy metal cloud
‘real wet
real people
and real music
that's how everyone feels
looking back now
but i was there
i saw it happening
from the beginning
that shit was fake
not a note of it real
not a word
it was kool tho
and sometimes
it was real kool’ words by ‘Sean Nicholas Savage’ 17'

Max Brand

Max Brand is a painter and musician, he is presenting some of his new songs