Tuesday 7 June 2016, 8pm

Kammer Klang: EXAUDI performs Christopher Fox + Ictus performs Christopher Trapani and Larry Polansky

No Longer Available


Fresh Klang:

Josephine Stephenson - if nomen boat 2

Eloisa-Fleur Thom, violin
Josephine Stephenson, electronics

Christopher Fox - Catalogue Irraisoné (1999-2001) (35’)

EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble
James Weeks, conductor and piano

Larry Polanksy
Sweet Betsy from Pike (2005) (14’)
Eskimo Lullaby (2005) (5’)
For voice and the Lou Harrison National Just Intonation Resonator guitar

James Tenney - Harmonium #1 (dedicated to Lou Harrison) (1976) (10’)

Christopher Trapani
Wayfaring Stranger (2015) (10’)
Freight Train (2015) (4’)
For voice, violin and guitar

Liesa Van der Aa
Tom Pauwels