Tuesday 8 March 2016, 8pm

Kammer Klang: Soundinitiative performs Alexander Schubert / Pierre Jodlowski / Jessie Marino + :such:

No Longer Available


Fresh Klang (TBA)

Alexander Schubert – Star Me Kitten (2015) (14’)
UK premiere

Pierre Jodlowski – Coliseum (2008) (10’)
UK premiere

Jessie Marino – Discreet Observations for Your Family’s Peace of Mind (2015) (12’)
UK premiere


Marc Parazon – Tape end (2013) for analog tape (40’)


Soundinitiative is a flexible ensemble comprising12 musicians from Australia, Belgium, China, France, England, Italy, Poland and the US who have each forged their own careers, both in France and abroad, as soloists and chamber musicians. Their mix of backgrounds affords the group a rich collective musical insight encompassing myriad cultures, musical languages and experiences. Since its formation in Paris in 2011, the group's activity has centred around the interpretation of contemporary repertoire, close collaboration with established and emerging composers to create new pieces, and the development of musical events with a strong emphasis on scenography and physical and visual interaction with the audience. Soundinitiative holds the honour of being the first French ensemble to be chosen to participate in the Boost Young Ensembles program at the Darmstadt Fereinkurse in 2014. This program of new music blurs the lines between styles, aesthetics and the role of the performer. The performer as musician, as improviser, or using their own body as their instrument in a program that is as full of instrumental virtuosity as theatrical flair and gestural interpretation.


Alexander Schubert

Alexander Schubert was born in 1979 in Bremen and studied bioinformatics in Leipzig and Multimedia Composition with Georg Hajdu and Manfred Stahnke in Hamburg. During his studies he has worked as a musician and composer in a variety of different environments. In addition, Schubert worked at the ZKM (Centre for Art and Media) in Karlsruhe for one year. Since 2011 he’s a PhD student in Hamburg and teaches live-electronics at the conservatory in Lübeck. 

Schubert’s interest explores cross-genre interfaces between acoustic and electronic music. The most characteristic feature of his work is the combination of different musical styles (like hardcore, free jazz, popular electronic music, techno) with contemporary classical concepts. He incorporates these influences based on his personal experience rather than theoretically approaching the topic. Schubert has participated in his youth and early career in all above-mentioned genres both in groups and as a solo artist. 

Pierre Jodlowski


Pierre Jodlowski is a composer, performer and multimedia artist. His music, often marked by a high density, is at the crossroads of acoustic and electric sound and is characterised by dramatic and political anchor. His work unfolds in many areas: films, interactive installations, staging. He defines his music as an “active process” on the physical level (musical gestures, energy and space) and on the psychological level (relation to memory and visual dimension of sound). Since 1998 he has been co-artistic director of éOle, a studio and production center based in Odyssud, a cultural enter in Blagnac, and Novelum festival in Toulouse.


Jessie Marino


Jessie Marino's work explores the virtuosity of common activities, ritualistic absurdity and bad technology. Her works rigorously score out sound, physical movements, lighting and staging and place them within highly organised time structures and musical forms.



Marc Parazon is a sound recordist, composer and sound artist. His work is based on electro-acoustic composition, site-specific installations, performances and radiophonic pieces. Since 2009 he has developed a personal approach towards magnetic tape. Refusing to use a laptop on stage, he has developed an “instrumentarium” composed of multiple cassette players distributed throughout space, enabling a simultaneous spatialisation of sound and a genuine musical gesture by the possibilities of their enhanced functions. He works as a freelance sound recordist for documentaries and fiction films, as well as for institutions such as the Centre Pompidou and Ircam. He also makes short experimental films that have been shown in international festivals such as Vafa in Macau, Onion in Chicago and various experimental cinemas in Paris.