Wednesday 31 May 2017, 7.30pm

Kim Myhr / Lasse Marhaug (duo) + Michael Speers (solo)

No Longer Available

Two leading members of Norway's thriving new music scene, Kim Myhr and Lasse Marhaug perform as a duo for the first time at OTO following the release of their debut album together, On The Silver Globe, on SOFA.

On The Silver Globe borrows its title from the 1988 film by polish director Andrzej Zulawski, a science-fiction story set on a distant planet but also something that could be read as a political allegory of the struggle against totalitarianism. The film was stopped mid-production by the state and not released until ten years later, with unfinished scenes replaced by unrelated footage of a realist nature. Another influence for the piece was Andrew Smith’s ”Moon Dust” book, which deals with how different the individual astronauts of the Apollo programme dealt with the extraordinary experience of going to the moon, and how the space program was ultimately shut down by the Nixon administration.

Both Myhr and Marhaug are apt improvisers and musicians, but On The Silver Globe is a pure studio creation. The piece is divided in five sections, and the instrumentation is of a wide range, including guitar, vintage analogue and modular synthesizers, oscillators, granular synthesis, digital prossessing, acoustic objects and a wide range of studio trickery. The result is a powerful tapestry of sound sheets that is constantly morphing into new shapes, but also with sudden shifts in character, slowly making its way towards the inevitable conclusion, in which all cosmic matter is sucked into a black hole.

Kim Myhr

Kim Myhr is a prominent voice on the Norwegian experimental music scene, both as a composer and as a guitarist. Myhr has released two solo records: Bloom on Hubro (2016) and All your limbs singing on SOFA (2014,) both widely acclaimed. Myhr is an active composer, writing for chamber ensembles, electroacoustic settings and for various dance and theatre projects. He is also member of MURAL (with Jim Denley and Ingar Zach) and Circadia (with Tony Buck, Davis Stackenäs and Joe Williamson).

Lasse Marhaug

Lasse Marhaug has been a fixture in Norwegian experimental music for the last 25 years, with hundreds of releases, collaborations and projects. He composes music for film, theatre, dance and installations, and is also a writer, magazine publisher and visual artist. His favourite astronaut is Michael Collins.

Michael Speers


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Michael Speers is a musician from Northern Ireland, currently based in London. Feedback is the basis of most of his practice, using the limitations of himself and electronic / acoustic equipment - namely percussion, no-input mixer, sampled media, test equipment and field recordings - to depict his engagement with reality through sound phenomena. The resultant soundscape is generally dense and abrasive, focussing on texture and spatial / material resonance, which is formed live in improvised performances and in electronic compositional work.“

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