Sunday 24 January 2016, 8pm

Photo by Dawid Laskowski

King Ayisoba + Zea + Ayuune Sule

No Longer Available

Great to welcome back the mighty King Ayisoba, this time with full band! Joining him on the bill with be Zea – aka Arnold de Boer of The Ex – and fellow kologo player, Ayuune Sule.

“The music of King Ayisoba is not mainstream music . It is part of the fringe of committed African music and haunting” – Songlines

“Infectious and masterful music that contaminate souls and bodies, the mind is joy and sweaty skin” – Ears For Eyes

King Ayisoba

Born in 1974, near Bolgatanga northeast Ghana, King Ayisoba plays Kologo (small guitar with two strings attached to a calabash) from a young age. He took care of livestock and carries his instrument in the bush and villages where he discovered traditional harmonic , ceremonies and ancestral rites !

He joined the capital and plunged into the Accra cosmopolitan urban jungle, and a draft style between tradition and modernity. He met Terry Bonchaka whom he worked with for several years and Panji Anoff the music producer . His first album « Modern Ghanians « was recorded in 2006 The album was immediately welcomed by the Ghanaian public. The single « I want to see you my father» won the Ghana Music Awards in 2007, King was invited to participate in numerous collaborations. He continues in the same aesthetic , fusing electronic beats with his gravelly voice, with traditional instruments. He became one of Ghana’s artists who exports himself the most out of the African continent. In 2008, King released his second album, «Africa « and he played in Europe (Sweden , Norway, Denmark , Holland, Germany , Russia , UK , Belgium, France , Switzerland... ) alongside Arnold de Boer aka Zea , lead singer of the Ex group and producer of the label Makkum Records. They set out a compilation LP from the last two albums in 2012. The band performed at numerous festivals , and was noticed at Roskilde Festival (Denmark ) and Fusion Festival (Germany) ...!

The world of King Ayisoba is unique and complex. The rhythms and frenzied dancing mingle with its distinctive voice , alternately smooth and suave turn, then rocky and tribal . Their concerts are unique experiences where musical codes are shattered in a raw energy delivered bluntly . King Ayisoba offers a world where the spirit world merges with the painful origins of Kologo music, concrete and urban Hip Life , and the cries of a rebellious youth who is still seeking his identity. Trance between the mystical forest and concrete cracked Accra.


The Ex vocalist Arnold de Boer's solo performances are always a complete blast. He deploys guitar and sampler for an almighty bout of crazily high energy songs - urgent lyrics over guitar, roughshod beats and grimy bass lines. "One guy stands playing his guitar like he’s trying to saw it in half with his bare hands, the other bashes at the vocoding keyboard devices like he wants them to explode, and they end up making one almighty racket that could be called ‘dance’ music. If you happen to dance like a malfunctioning washing machine, that is. Ace." Drowned in Sound

"It's incredibly bonkers, that's for sure, but it's so bloody energetic, so bull headed and so schizophrenic in its approach to crafting a tune that you simply can't fail to be impressed by it...The results are astonishing." Incendiary Magazine

Ayuune Sule

There is a big Frafra community in Kumasi, the second city of Ghana and capital of the Ashanti region. The Frafra come from the North East Region of Ghana and next to their own Frafra language, batakari dress and hunting rituals, they are known for their kologo music and in the Kumasi region Ayuune Sule is the main kologo star.

Of all the kologo players in Ghana, Ayuune Sule is the one with the most soulful voice; when listening to Ayuune Sule you hear the direct connection with the soul and blues from the other side of the ocean. His kologo playing is very rhythmical and fast, his technique is superior on the kologo as well as on the sinyaka (percussion). It is a great honor and opportunity to be able to put this music out. And it looks like this is only the top of a very hot kologo iceberg led by King Ayisoba, Ayuune Sule, Guy One, Bola and Prince Buju and that there is much more to come.