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Monday 14 June 2021, 7.30pm

Kordik-Moore / Lynch-Riley

No Longer Available

Daniel Kordik (synthesiser) and N.O. Moore (guitarism) have been friends and collaborators for some years. Recently, they played ‘together’ by exchanging recorded improvisations for overdubbing, leading to the 2021 album release of ‘Here in the distance’ by the Confront label. They have continued distanced working to refine their approach into what could be called ‘electron sontology’. This concert will be the first time they have presented the material in proximity to each other."

Likewise, Crystabel Riley (drums) and Sue Lynch (saxes/clarinet/flute) have been collaborators for several years, developing an empathic duo that is able to invent and pursue ideas and textures with dynamism and contingent precision. Leaving aside lockdowns, this will be an all too rare opportunity to enjoy their creativity and mastery directly and first-hand.

The evening will sound out with a quartet performance with all players.  Riley, Lynch and Moore have played as a trio previously, recently releasing ‘Secant|Tangent’ on DXDY recordings.  As Steve Beresford remarked of this trio, they “somehow instantly created a unique group sound.”  This unique sound is sure to be pushed even further on the night, with the addition of Kordik.

Daniel Kordik

Kordik works mainly as an improviser, music collaborator, field recordist and a regular member of the duo Jamka and duo with Edward Lucas with whom he co-runs Earshots Recordings. "Kordik’s electronics are pretty weird (...). At least some of them seem to work by Theremin-style hand control, which results in a different type of sound than if he were playing either with a keyboard or a modular-style patch." (Paul Margree)

N.O. Moore

N.O. Moore is an electric guitarist with a parallel interest in electronics and drum machines. As an improviser, he has played with people such as Eddie Prévost, John Butcher, Rachel Musson, John Edwards, Sue Lynch, Alan Wilkinson, Steve Noble, and Steve Beresford. He can now be heard on a number of recordings, including Nous (with Prévost and Jason Yarde) on Matchless, and The Secret Handshake with Danger (with Henry Kaiser, Binker Golding, Olie Brice, and Prévost) on 577. He has recently launched the DXDY Recordings label to present improvised and electronic musics: dxdyrecordings.com

Moore is interested in the relationship between automation and autonomy, and how this affords fabrications of human sensibility and affect. His first album of purely electronic music will be released by Orbit577 later in 2021.

‘Moore shifts fluidly from argumentatively fractured jazz licks to spacey atmospherics to mad cat hisses; the appositeness of his contributions belies the sparseness of his recorded discography’ The Wire (Bill Meyer)

‘Moore unpacks an impressive bag of tricks.’ Jazzwise (Daniel Spicer)

‘Guitarist N.O. Moore would likely attract some attention in any fit company, for he brings a highly personal conception to an instrument often sullied by redundancy.’ Freejazzblog (Stuart Broomer)

Crystabel Riley

During the late naughties Crystabel Riley toured Japan and Europe using drums, electronics and make-up in noise trio Maria and the Mirrors.

This was the start of her interest in patterns on skins - human and drum.

This interest in dimensional patterns existing on (and off) different surfaces has continued to evolve through exploring the idea of 'care and uncare' of the skin, self, others, and the world, across all of Crystabel's practices as an Artist (Make-up, Drum).

Crystabel has been a long term collaborator with Sue Lynch who welcomed her into the Horse Improvised Music Club, where she collaborated with Caroline Krabel, John Edwards, and Steve Beresford who welcomed her into the London Improvisers Orchestra.
She is currently working on the multi-format duo project @xcrswx with Seymour Wright.


Sue Lynch

Sue Lynch currently runs ‘The Horse Improvised Music Club’ with Adam Bohman, Hutch Demouilpied and Adrian Northover. Has performed with
Adam Bohman, Eddie Prevost, Anna Homler, Steve Noble, Crystabel Riley, Caroline Kraabel, Sharon Gal and John Edwards. Recently performed as part of Tarek Atoui’s ‘Reverse Collection’ at The Tate Modern. In 2016 she formed, ‘Paradise Yard’-an electro acoustic ensemble, performing at Iklectik, Cafe Oto and The ICA. In 2018, she performed at 3 Klange Tag Festival, Switzerland with Hildegard Kleeb, at Womad BBC Stage and Guess Who Festival-Utrecht, with The Scorpios, psychedelic Sudanese band and solo saxophone at Le Pied Nu Festival, France.


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