Friday 18 December 2015, 8pm

KRAUTROCK KARAOKE Vol.27 Xmas Special in Association with Stolen Recordings

No Longer Available

KRAUTROCK KARAOKE vol.27 Xmas Special! In Association with Stolen Recordings 

Krautrock Karaoke and Stolen come back to Cafe OTO for their 2nd Xmas special, we're expecting to have a super special guest for this one :) plus the usual array of super talented musicians...

Since its birth in March 2013 this long, loud and anarchic night has provided a space for disciplined hedonism and indulgent improvisation of a strictly kaleidoscopic order. KK invite musicians to perform krautrock songs from CAN, NEU!, FAUST etc LIVE!

Contributions have ranged from regular favourite ‘Hallogallo’ by Neu! to all-electronic covers of Kraftwerk’s ‘Autobahn’ and ‘Neon Lights’; from rarities, Can outtakes, early Amon Duul, and “Fur Immer” by NEU! played by Wire’s Colin Newman, to a brain-flattening two-bass rendition of Les Rallizes Denudes’ ‘Night of the Assassins’ by members of Clout and Bo Ningen at March’s Vol.8.

The Velvet Underground’s ‘Sister Ray’ gets brought out from time to time. There are laws but they exist only in spirit. And there is a process, which is more or less the same each time:

- Musicians are contacted to see who is around on the night and an ‘event’ is made to which people are invited over Facebook
- Attendees post their favourite Krautrock numbers to the event’s wall
- This makes, incidentally, a great and edifying playlist for the fortnight leading up
- The songs are subject to a Goddamn Popularity Contest. The most-clicked entries are listed and performed on the night. 

Make your song suggestions here.