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Monday 20 September 2021, 7.30pm

Late Works: Preparations with Finlay Clark, Max Syedtollan, Aga Ujma & more

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"Late Works: Preparations" is a show where 23 artists have sculpted a 'preparation' each for use in a grand piano. A group of pianists are then tasked with constructing individual performances with the adaptable unit of preparations. Performing live on the night will be Finlay Clark, Max Syedtollan & Aga Ujma on piano, with preparations made by Mathilda Bennett-Greene, Jack Bidewell, Louis Eager, Katharina Fitz, Daisy Harvey, Joe Highton, Siyi Li, Laila Majid, Angus McCrum, Faye Milburn, Amanda Moström, Tawfik Naas, Isobel Neviazsky, Ralph Parks, Hamish Pearch, Jonas Pequeno, Amba Sayal-Bennett, Tom Sewell, Gwenllian Spink, Stanley Tilyard-French, Aitor González Valencia & Oona Wilkinson.

Late Works is a nomadic series of live intermedia events and permutable collective of creative practitioners with a monthly radio show on Resonance Extra.

Founded in 2018 by artist Joseph Bradley Hill, each manifestation of Late Works is governed by a set of pre-determined rules and instructions, aimed to encourage discourse, collaboration and exchange between the artists taking part. The heavily process-based experimental shows are united by an ethos of indeterminate intermedia improvisation.

Their latest event 'Late Works: of Noise' produced a vinyl that was labelled Recordstore.co.uk's #1 Compilation of the Year 2020, featuring members of black midi, Goat Girl, 404 Guild, Sorry, Powerplant & Curl Recordings creating original tracks sampling from a set of artist-built instruments. Preparations is the newest of 6 Late Works currently in production for 2021/22.


Finlay Clark

Finlay Clark (b. 1995, London) is an interdisciplinary artist and multi-instrumentalist. They have studied at GSA, SAIC, PARTS, Darmstadt, MSCP, CAMPfr, and with Wandelweiser collective.
Clark is currently working on a collaboration between Moog and Ligeti quartet, a collaboration between pianist Luciano Rossi and AI specialist Atay Ilgun, as well as releasing an EP with artist Vera Karlsson on Primordial Void and publishing a collaborative text between Jennifer Lucy Allen and Still House Plants in Yes & No magazine.

Clark also writes and performs with Still House Plants, who are selected artists for Shape Platform 2021. Fast Edit LP (Blank Forms, 2020) was The Guardian writers’ choice album and track of the year and #7 album of the year in Wire magazine. The group have performed at Empty Gallery (Hong Kong), Hyperlocal Festival (with NTS/British Council, Buenos Aires), various DIY spaces in Santiago de Chile (supported by Creative Scotland), as well as undertaken a six-month residency at Cafe OTO as recipients of the OTO Projects UK Artists Residency Fund (supported by Jerwood Arts). 2021-2022 sees the trio touring Europe, North America, as well as shows in Mexico and Japan. They are currently working on their third studio album.

Clark has also curated a multi-disciplinary group exhibition in Havana, Cuba (supported by Creative Scotland/Glasgow City Council).

Max Syedtollan

aga ujma

aga ujma is a Polish-born multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and composer living between London, Indonesia and Poland. she mixes her classical music upbringing and folk influences from Poland with traditional music studies at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Surakarta, Central Java and SOAS University of London.

her intimate solo performances focus on exploring and connecting Indonesian, Polish and English folk music with the accompaniment of unique Indonesian instruments. her favourite instruments are East Indonesian bamboo zither sasando, Central Javanese zither siter and metallophone gendér barung. she is an enthusiast of counterpoint techniques and harmonic experiments but she also likes to use interlocking patterns, non-Western tuning systems and vocal techniques to generate the unique sound of her songs. her first love though was piano; she signed herself up to the music school in Poland at the age of 8 and studied classical music for 12 years, after which she completed a degree in musicology and moved to Indonesia to study traditional gamelan music.

she was recently signed to Slow Dance and announced her debut EP 'songs of innocence and experience' via CLASH Magazine in 2021, which is "shaping up to be a wholly unique experience, placing her at the cutting edge of folk music in Britain" (The Line of Best Fit). she was recently commissioned to sing the theme song for the new Resident Evil Village game as well as to create a new composition and a special performance for the latest Serpentine Gallery Pavillion, which was showcased on Boiler Room.