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Tuesday 13 July 2021, 7.30pm

Leyden Jars + The Mermaid Cafe


Very pleased to host a TakuRoku double bill in the form of the mermaid café, the creative collective made up of Joanna Ward and Ruari Paterson-Achenbach; and London based duo Natalie Williams & Mark Courtney aka Leyden Jars, who create work of fragmented musicality, electro-acoustic emission, disembodied dub, radiophonic interference, and revelatory DIY poetics.

Leyden Jars

Home brew electronics and other sonic disturbances, occupied hands (two pairs), some albums on the unimpeachable Mordant Music, fresh emissions due in 2020 via the exceptional Outer Reaches label.

“They use electronic materials, but they seem aged and tweaked in an organic way, somehow. It is not only the obscured vocals that give Heat Death a human touch: these synths and electro-acoustics appear to be learning how to breathe.” – Norman Records Heat Death album review

“Observing. Cataloging. Quietly moving through three dimensions whilst plainly coming from the fourth.” – Peter Marks of Santa Sangre

the mermaid café

The mermaid café is a creative collective made up of Joanna Ward and Ruari Paterson-Achenbach.

As a group, they aim to think towards, and imagine the potentials of, a contemporary compositional-curatorial-performative artistic practice which is radical, feminist, queer, antiracist, anticapitalist, anticolonial; resistive in concept and practice. They have a postmodern, referential artistic vision, infused with playfulness, and inspired by a joyful mix of the musical and extra-musical. They love musical practices that have a point of view and are oriented towards the body: riot grrl, northern soul, queer cabaret, free jazz, fluxus. Their creative work is explicitly influenced by their research and activism, engaging with things like experimental novels, free green spaces, the black radical tradition, the (non)semiotics of shape and of colour... Through all of these interests, they want to create sites for sonic resistance, and to reject traditional power structures inherent in composer/performer/audience relationships.