Saturday 6 January 2018, 7.30pm

Photo by Nolan Throop

Neutral + Triple Negative + Kostis Kilymis

No Longer Available

“Neutral manages to connect the dots between everything from Chrome and Siltbreezian gold from the 90’s to the more experimental sides of Dome, while throwing in some tape work that could only originate from Gothenburg and brutish guitar playing bringing JFK, Skullflower and maybe even rock-era Ramleh to mind at times. Let’s not forget the mysterious field recordings scattered along the way, and Sofie Herners dry, talked vocals, leading at least this listener to the realization that there’s no end to this fucking winter.” – Matthias Andersson (IDDB, Fördämning)


Neutral is the duo of Dan Johansson (Sewer Election, Ättestupa, Enhet för fri musik) and Sofie Herner (Enhet för fri musik, Leda), both with a background in the Swedish noise scene. Their debut LP Grå Våg Gamlestaden (Omlott) came out in 2014 and was followed by a second, nameless, LP in 2016. In fall 2017, they released the mini album När.

The music of Neutral combines elements from harsh noise, rock and music concrète. They have performed in Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Finland and the US. This is their first performance in the UK.

”This duo consisting of Dan and Sophie plays music that sometimes sound like the noisiest 10 second bit ever played by Velvet Underground stretched into a whole song, an album and maybe even a complete artistic corpus. Shorn of all that is unnecessary, we’re left with guitars, tapes and the roughest outlines of the sounds they make. Neutral’s music brings together European and American minimalist impulses, from krautrock the The Factory and postpunk to earthy harsh noise, tape music to rock and musique concrète.” – Press text from Flow Festival 2017

Kostis Kilymis

Kostis Kilymis is a Bristol-based artist. He performs electronic and noise music based on live synthesis, rhythm and found sound. His work focuses on immersive environments, feedback systems and the notion of representation. He has been an improviser, performer and collaborator – his encounters including Lucio Capece, Nikos Veliotis, Greg Pope, Leif Elggren, Sarah Hughes, Stephen Cornford and Phil Julian amongst others. He has published work on labels such as Rekem, I Dischi del Barone, Strange Rules and Coherent States.

Triple Negative

Madame Tlank & Clinical Wasteman & others. Bayern Tāmaki Makaurau/northsouth London, since 1989/2003/2016.

Vulnerable adults born in the wrong place, put out too tender & possessed by spite. There’s nothing not superficial about it: an animus nursed with bad bad grace. Absentee panelbeating (Tascam stand-ins), raised voices, knock-off Glock & cheap Vamvakaristic Spiel.

Incorporates Philosophie Queen (+microcosmically: THE MEAN STREAKS). May contain traces of Heliogabalus, $urp!u$, Aufgehoben & S.P.U.D.

“Death-affirming!” - Dean ‘Sonny’ Blount

“Just stop feeding them” - Dean Swift