Friday 10 November 2017, 7.30pm

Nyx Unchained presents ‘Prince of Grunge’: IVVVO + NAKED + MAXWELL STERLING + CROWW + LACHRIN

No Longer Available

Prince of Grunge by Ivvvo will be the first release on Nyx Unchained as a label.

To celebrate, we have Invited some of Manchester's best emerging artists, Maxwell Sterling & Croww. As well as a live performance from Naked & special debut from Lachrin.

Prince of Grunge - explores conflicting truths and accounts of depression, social anxiety and fear in the name of progress.Moving through cold landscapes on an undercurrent of rave with vocals of “Until I die” “I am lost ”Prince of Grunge is a visceral and unsettling tour through a missed youth.

Total Power Exchange is a distorted and violent noise transgression, rooted in socio-political confrontation. It’s made from sex, vomit, noise, relentless forward movement and intense physical deliveries to create empowering anthems in the face of systematic oppression. It speaks of power — who holds it and who seeks to reclaim it.

Maxwell Sterling
Maxwell's Stunning debut album Hollywood Medieval is about the glaring disparities and elaborate, underlying convolutions the composer observed and felt while working as a nanny for wealthy parents during his film composition studies at UCLA in the early part of the 2010s. Using an augmented palette of classic DX7 and Juno 60 synths along with a severely warped bank of library samples and iPhone recordings.

Croww's debut EP Prosthetics is a demonstrative show reel pieced together from a Slipknot sample pack used by the band's Craig Jones on their landmark debut album. Featuring the samples painstakingly dissected and assembled in uchronic form to suppose an alternative history of the last 20 years of pop and subculture.

Larchin's forthcoming release 'Psalms' on Nyx Unchained Is divided into six distinct movements that crawl the cracks between the walls of church, state school & factory on a crescendo of strings.