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Thursday 8 July 2021, 7.30pm

Ongemang: exploring the spaces in between Kit Downes with Tom Challenger & Lauren Kinsella


Kit Downes and Tom Challenger have created a collection of interpretive melodies connected by improvising singers – in this event, they are joined by Irish vocalist, improviser and composer Lauren Kinsella.

Ongemang started with many initial individual components – a midnight exploration of song in a church in Salzburg, to a trip to the misty Faroe Islands to witness Kingo singing, to collective improvisations with harmonium during a hurricane in Galway – and during this second phase of the project they add another musical meeting to this journey, in the in-between.

Kit Downes / piano, harmonium, cello

Tom Challenger / saxophone, cassette player/sampler

Lauren Kinsella / voice

Pedro Valasco / visuals

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