Friday 8 December 2017, 7.30pm, OTO Project Space

OTO PROJECT SPACE: Ritualtronics

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Born as a sub-creature of Black as Pitch!, Ritualtronics explores ritualistic electronics, raw tribalism, meditative percussions and power electronics. A ceremonial for post-industrial tribes.

"Music derives from magic. One of the universal rules performed during magic rituals is repetition." Jules Combarieu

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Opening ceremonial † ‡ LANI ROCILLO † ‡
Lani Rocillo is a healing arts practitioner and musician trained in Sound Therapy, Energy Medicine and Shamanic Practice.

Viktor Lux Crux is a key figure in Barcelona’s vibrant post-industrial scene as a musician, producer and co-founder of the label Màgia Roja. He has performed more than 300 shows, almost 200 of them touring abroad in Europe and the US as Futurode Hierro and with past bands Ordre Etern and Qa’a. Collaborator of Jochen Arbeit (Einstürzende Neubauten), Nurse With Wound, Paddy Shine and Chris Haslam (Gnod), and others. Among many other places he has performed in 4 editions of Sonar Festival, Incubate Festival, Klangbad Festival, 2 editions of Primavera Sound and Periferias Festival. As Comisarios de la Luz DJ he has performed more than 200 sessions in the last three years.
With Futuro de Hierro he mixes the legacy of Esplendor Geometrico and Throbbing Gristle with the heavyness of Swans or early Laibach and transcends the nihilism of the genere creating a cosmogony of songs where the personal, the esoteric, the present and the future intertwine. His live shows are a visceral and energetic deal, a hands-on approach to electronic music with an unseen control of rythmic feedback, dynamics and noise. His latest 12″ “Un Paso en el Vacío” has been co-released by Màgia Roja and Opal Tapes the 28th of June 2017.

Solo project of the percussionist and drummer from Sardinia Island, Nicola Serra. A mixture of ritualistic percussions, blackened tribal, raw techno and power electronics.
In his recent works, he investigates the relationship between percussions and shamanism as well as repetition, in order to achieve

† ‡ DVKA † ‡
Christian Duka is a sound designer and music artist of the generation that emerged in the wake of digital technology. Through sound design and music production, he investigates the psychological implications of the emotional involvement in music listening. He believes that music can serve both as a channel of communication and an opportunity to process emotions otherwise bottled-up.
He currently lectures the Foundations Of Electronic Music course at SAE London and creates the sound and music journeys for Jose Montemayeur and Batuhan Bintas "Cyberdelic" experiences in VR and AR. He also performs as part of MARMO, a live-improvisation collaboration with music artist/graphic designer Marco Maldarella. With him he started a side-project called "Holistic", a live A/V performances that explores the intuitive use of music, visual arts and symbolism with the aim of representing concepts relevant to present times in relation to the human condition.
In his solo improvised performances as DVKA he focuses on creating states of flow to facilitate access to unconscious feelings, both in himself and his listeners.

Curated by Nicola Serra.