Monday 27 June 2016, 8pm

Meetings with Remarkable Saxophonists: Andy Sheppard / John Edwards / Eddie Prévost

No Longer Available

Eddie Prévost renews his ‘Meetings with Remarkable Saxophonists’ series, which in the past has featured the likes of Evan Parker, John Butcher and Jason Yarde, both in performance and documented on Prévost's Matchless Recordings label.

For this show, Prévost and regular collaborator John Edwards, will be joined by jazz saxophonist and composer Andy Sheppard, for what will be his first ever performance at OTO.

Andy Sheppard

An ECM recording artist, bandleader and composer, Andy Sheppard is one of Europe’s leading saxophonists and one of a very few British musicians to have made a significant impact on the international jazz scene, playing and writing for settings from solo to big band and chamber orchestra. Sheppard has composed over 350 works that incorporate a strong and characteristic sense of lyricism alongside a very personal use of rhythms from Asia, Africa and South America.

“It’s hard to think of a jazz saxophonist with a more keen and pure sense of melody than Andy Sheppard. He can infuse the tiniest little inflections with expressive power, just because the overall line is always so strong.” – Ivan Hewett, The Telegraph

Eddie Prévost

Eddie Prévost plays with immense fire, grace and invention. Founder of the essential AMM, collaborator of the greatest improvisers internationally, since the 60's he has kept a continuous contact with the scene and always manages to invent anew his contribution to "meta-music".

“Prévost's free drumming flows superbly making use of his formidable technique. It’s as though there has never been an Elvin Jones or Max Roach.” - Melody Maker

“Relentlessly innovative yet full of swing and fire.” – Morning Star

John Edwards

John Edwards is a true virtuoso whose staggering range of techniques and boundless musical imagination have redefined the possibility of the double bass and dramatically expanded its role, whether playing solo or with others. Perpetually in demand, he has played with Evan Parker, Sunny Murray, Derek Bailey, Joe McPhee, Lol Coxhill, Peter Brötzmann, Mulatu Astatke and many others.

"I think John Edwards is absolutely remarkable: there’s never been anything like him before, anywhere in jazz." - Richard Williams, The Blue Moment