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Thursday 19 August 2021, 7.30pm

Strangeness of Dub with Edward George

No Longer Available

Join Edward George, on a journey into reggae, dub, versions and versioning that draws on critical theory, social history, a deep and wide cross-genre musical selection, and live dub mixing.

Dub is strange. A musical process and a sub-genre formed in the early 1970s and pioneered by Clement Dodd, Sylvan Morris, Lee Perry, King Tubby, Scientist, Jah Shaka and The Mad Professor, dub takes place through a kind of violence, an act of reducing archival audio documents to fragments and traces, yet is associated, in its sound system context, with communal reverie and meditative states.

A marginal music and a music of margins, first and most enduringly located on the ‘b side’, the underside, of phonographic recordings, dub is a sub genre of reggae music, subordinate and secondary to song-writing, musical performance and recording. And yet more so than reggae song writing, vocal or musical performance, dub’s influence reverberates across other genres of electronic music, even while never quite comprising a genre of its own.

Edward George

I am a founder of Black Audio Film Collective, and my writing for the group includes the BBC Reputations documentary, Martin Luther King – Days of Hope (1997), the BBC Arena documentary, Dark Side of Black (1993), and the Channel Four documentary Seven Songs for Malcolm X (1991). My directorial work for the Collective includes the Arts Council England documentary, Donald Rodney – Three Songs on Time, Pain & Light (1997), and the Channel Four documentary, Gangsta Gangsta: The Tragedy of Tupac Shakur (1998). I am also the writer, researcher and presenter of the ground breaking Afrofuturist documentary, Last Angel of History (1995). A chapter on the film  was published in the March 2021 edition of Third Text.

I am also a founder of the electronic music group Hallucinator, whose key works, on the Chain Reaction and Burial Mix labels of Berlin Dub Techno pioneers, Basic Channel, expanded the language of the Dub Techno genre over releases published between 1998 and 2006. 

My work in radio includes Sound of Music (Threads Radio, 2019-present), Kuduro – Electronic Music of Angola (Counterflows, 2021), and the series The Strangeness of Dub (Morley Radio, 2019-2021), as well as one off presentations such as ‘Carnival Re-imagined – Edward George w/a Covid-192020 Carnival Lockdown Special’ (Deptford X/Threads Radio, 2020), and Sonic Liberation Front: Palestine (NTS, 2021). Ideas developed during the writing and presentation of The Strangeness of Dub, produced during an artists’ residency at Morley Radio, provide the practice led, conceptual basis for the queering of dub that coheres Dub Housing. 

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