Monday 4 September 2017, 7.30pm

Photo by John Grzinich

Tarab + Seth Cooke + Alice Kemp

No Longer Available

“Blurring the lines between the natural environments of his original recordings and the processing they undergo subsequently, Tarab draws the listener into fascinating acoustic spaces that seem at once familiar and alien all at the same time.” – Live Eye TV


Melbourne based tarab explores re-contextualised collected sounds and tactile gestures formed into dynamic, psycho-geographical compositions inspired by discarded things, found things, crawling around in the dirt, junk, the ground, rocks, dust, wind, walking aimlessly, scratchy things, decay and most if not all the things he hears and sees. More than simply documenting a given site, tarab is interested in a direct engagement with our surrounds, teasing out half narratives, visceral sensation, false leads and heightened awareness.

tarab's latest LP a fixed yet incomplete idea is released by Aposiopèse with previous works released on 23five, Unfathomless, Kaon, Cronica, Semperflorens, Naturestrip and Compost and Height.

Seth Cooke

Seth Cooke is a sound recordist, drummer and process performer based in Bristol, UK. His location-based work explores aberrant mapping and perturbed environments. His solo performances involve feedback and resonance. As a percussionist he plays traps and waste disposal sink. He sometimes enjoys the flexibility of improvisation, open composition and field recording.

He used to play drums for Hunting Lodge and Defibrillators. Current projects include a duo with Dominic Lash and the Every Contact Leaves a Trace CDr label. He co-founded the Bang the Bore collective with Clive Henry in 2009.

Alice Kemp

Alice Kemp works with dream-image-language and subtle trance states, creating audio compositions and live-art performances. She lives in the South West of England, continually developing a practice of experimental music, audio composition, public and private performance, drawing and painting, doll/object making and hidden exhibits. Her work has been described as hypnotic, intense, unnerving, beautiful, dark and reflective, aggressive, confusing, meditative, pointless, brave, sensual, baffling, delicate, and absurd. Kemp has released music on Fragment Factory (DE), Harbinger Sound (UK), and Erratum Musical (FR).