Thursday 29 June 2017, 7.30pm


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The THEORAL project is creating a collection of oral history of the creative music scene (improvised, experimental, new music, jazz, &c. music) which is at the same time – following Gilles Deleuze’ and Félix Guattari’s notion of the rhizome – open to all sides. We do not appear as authors, we act as a medium, as translators and filters. The artists tell their (hi)story themselves, because : “Who else … would be better suited to speak about this product than the the instrument through which it appears? Surely, if such highly creative music can come from such minds, the same minds can give some insight about it and themselves in relationship” (Henry Threadgill in George Lewis, A Power Stronger Than Itself).

The evening will begin with a panel discussion, led by the British musician and journalist Clive Bell, including the Austrian musicians Angélica Castelló and Burkhard Stangl, the organizer Hans Falb, Karin Weinhandl and Philipp Schmickl, the founder and editor of THEORAL. Topics can (will) range from the initial idea for publication to the method and reception. The discussion will be followed by two or three improvised sets of the mentioned musicians.

Introduction to theoral no. 12 – Until The Lion Lears To Speak. Conversations with Hamid Drake and William Parker


FOCUS INEXPECTATUS in Dala-Floda, Sweden

CHARHIZMATIC MUSIC – A Letter To Andrew Choate; about Music Unlimited 29, Wels, Austria

About the IRTIJAL FESTIVAL in Beirut, Lebanon

Panel discussion with:
Clive Bell, leader
Angélica Castelló;
Burkhard Stangl;
Hans Falb, festival organizer,
Karin Weinhandl; Illustration and layout for theoral
Philipp Schmickl, editor of theoral
Karin Weinhandl:

Angélica Castelló; Recorder, tapes, electronics
Burkhard Stangl; guitar, electronics
Hans Falb; turntables
Clive Bell; shakuhachi

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