Saturday 9 April 2016, 8pm

Photo by David Jones

Jem Doulton + Thurston Moore + Steve Noble + James Sedwards + Alex Ward

No Longer Available

An evening of free improvisation with Thurston Moore (guitar), Steve Noble (drums), Alex Ward (clarinet), James Sedwards (guitar) and Jem Doulton (drums). Before embarking on what promises to be an epic finale featuring all five musicians on stage, the quintet will divide up into smaller groups each offering a different take on what promises to be an intensive evening of fully charged music. There are many crossovers from previous and ongoing collaborations included within this line up that spans both the improvised and avant-rock worlds, the strength of understanding and rapport between each musician being positively put to the test and put on show in the raw.

Thurston Moore has been extensively touring his recent solo album The Best Day. He was the founder and ringleader of Sonic Youth, the band that turned on an entire generation to the value of experimentation in rock n' roll. He has also collaborated with many musicians including Steve Noble and John Edwards, Glenn Branca, Yoko Ono and John Zorn to name a few.

Steve Noble, inventive to the core, has worked in a variety of musical contexts and has been extensively involved in improvised music through work with a wide range of musicians from improv pioneers Derek Bailey and Tristan Honsinger, to long running collaborations with Alex Ward, Pat Thomas, John Edwards, Alan Wilkinson, Alex Maguire and many more.

James Sedwards is known for his work in the avant-rock scene. He leads his own band Nøught and has collaborated on projects including Guapo, The Devil, Zodiac Youth, Alex Ward & The Dead Ends and Chrome Hoof. He currently plays guitar in the Thurston Moore band.

Alex Ward leads the bands Predicate, Forebrace, The Alex Ward Quintet/Sextet, Alex Ward & The Dead Ends. He co-writes the material for Dead Days Beyond Help with Jem Doulton as well as having many collaborations in the improvised world both on guitar and clarinet, most notably with Steve Noble.

Jem Doulton has long standing collaborations with both Alex Ward (DDBH, Forebrace, The Dead Ends) and James Sedwards. Currently he drums for avant-pop artist Róisín Murphy as well as occasionally deputising in the Thurston Moore band. He also fronts his new songs band Fuse Box City.