Friday 2 June 2017, 7.30pm

Photo by Dawid Laskowski

Roger Turner / Arthur Bull / Sandy Ewen / Alan Tomlinson (quartet)

No Longer Available

Debut OTO performance for the improvising quartet of Roger Turner (drums), Arthur Bull (guitar), Sandy Ewen (guitar), and Alan Tomlinson (trombone).

Roger Turner

Over decades Roger Turner has brought the renowned volcanic power and finely honed precision of his drum work to ensembles that have often forged real connections with musicians both sides of the Atlantic. In addition he has worked extensively in the microscopic laboratory of the acoustic duo situation where he acquired a highly developed sense of detail and of dynamic control. One of that select group of world-class players who have collectively redefined the language of contemporary percussion. In Turner's hands minute inflections of tension can shape the group's musical direction and galvanise a new level of audience experience. 

Arthur Bull

Arthur Bull has been active on the improvised music scene in Canada since the mid-1970s, during the early days of the Music Gallery in Toronto. In 1980’s he was a member of the Bill Smith Ensemble, participating in numerous multimedia collaborations, and he also toured with Smith in the music/performance duo Duck Soup. Since the late 1990’s he primarily worked with fellow guitarist Daniel Heïkalo, touring, recording and appearing in several major festivals. Over the years Arthur Bull has collaborated with many leading Canadian improvisers, and has also performed in concert with international players, including Roscoe Mitchell, John Tchicai, Joe McPhee, Roger Turner, Peter Kowald, Paul Rutherford, Bob Cobbing, Fred Anderson, Kidd Jordan, John Russell, Mike Cooper, and John Butcher. He has released more than 16 CDs over the years, including solo, duo and group recordings, and has toured extensively, most recently in Europe and Mexico. Arthur is also a long-time blues musician, and has performed both as a solo act, and as a member of Les Surruralist(e)s and the Spokes. Arthur Bull is a published poet, with four poetry books to his name, and works as an activist for small-scale fisheries, locally and internationally. He lives on Digby Neck in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Sandy Ewen

Sandy Ewen is an experimental guitarist, artist and architect based in Houston TX. Over the last year she performed numerous gigs in Texas, Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, Boston & Mexico City. She has performed alongside Roscoe Mitchell, Keith Rowe, Lydia Lunch and many others, and has albums with Weasel Walter, Jaap Blonk, Henry Kaiser, Damon Smith and more. In 2014 she performed at San Francisco's 13th Annual Outsound New Music Summit, and she has made several appearances at Austin's annual No Idea Festival. Her groups Garden medium, Spiderwebs, Etched in the Eye & Ewen/Smith/Walter all released albums in 2016. Ewen's approach to playing is centered around found objects and extended guitar techniques.

Alan Tomlinson

Alan Tomlinson has been active on the London impro scene since the late 70’s. A member of John Stevens’ Away, Tony Oxley’s Angular Apron, Peter Brotzman’s Alarm, and has played solo gigs throughout Europe, works with his own trio (with Dave Tucker and Phil Marks) and several projects with the artist Christian Marclay. He works with new music groups Sounds Positive and New London Winds, several composers have written pieces for him on both alto and tenor trombones.