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Friday 15 October 2021, 7pm


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East London record shop World of Echo celebrates its third birthday with a night of forward-thinking electronic music.

O Yuki Conjugate

O Yuki Conjugate (OYC) were formed in Nottingham in 1982 on the wave of experimental music that emerged out of Post Punk. Quickly moving on from their early industrial and electronic influences, OYC began exploring the then-unfashionable ‘ambient’ genre, a term that only loosely describes their eclectic approach. They combine grit with beauty to produce mesmerising atmospheric soundscapes that often hypnotise the audience.

Their relaxed work attitude and aversion to the music industry has maintained a secrecy around them but recent reissues have unearthed the hidden beauty of their music. Scene in Mirage (1984), Into Dark Water (1987), Peyote (1990) and Equator (1995) have all found retrospective praise and a new audience.

Often referring to themselves as ‘wilfully obscure’ OYC are musical outsiders unfettered by musical trends, frequently going into periods of hibernation only to emerge years later in a different form. They are currently in their fourth incarnation based around core members Andrew Hulme and Roger Horberry and have recently released two new albums. Sleepwalker catalogued their recent live appearances and formed a soundtrack to a dream-like film of the same name and A Tension of Opposites (2021) was their response to working apart during lockdown, effectively two solo albums in one.

OYC’s show at OTO will include new material and film work by member Andrew Hulme, the result exploring a sonic territory the band have christened “dirty ambient” – multi layered, hyper textural, distinctly gritty and magically unreal.

Laila Sakini

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ Laila Sakini hails from Melbourne’s diverse music scene, but currently dwells in London, her on and off home over the past few years. Her work combines sounds reminiscent of her personal history in both cities and the resultant dislocation of being frequently in-between.

Her debut solo album Vivienne on Total Stasis was commended for its emotional breadth and ellucidating ennui using a modest palette of piano, electronics and voice, earning Laila a place on many best of 2020 lists.

Surrounding this are significant sentimental forays into art-pop, trip hop and even dad rock in the form of various releases: Strada, Into the Traffic and Under the Moonlight, all on Boomkat Editions, as well as soundtracking spoken word poetry (collaborating with Melbourne poet Lucy Van) and a romantic mixtape through Purely Physical Teeny Tapes.

Practising classical piano as a child and shifting into a club DJ in her early 20s, Laila has performed worldwide across all forms of spaces, from dive bars and galleries to festivals and high-fashion parties. Often gracing radio stations from NTS to LYL, Dublab & Rinse FM, she's now taking the step to focus on composition and production, with Boomkat touting her as “producing some of the most vital and brittle music of our time.”


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