Thursday 8 February 2018, 7.30pm

Zombie Nite for Dead Romero – AMM All-Stars with Cris X / sLapPeR / Mint Douche

No Longer Available

In 2006, the Rome-based outfit Lendormin released a CD on the Merz label: Night Dawn Dead: Music for George Romero. As yet undefiled by relegation to a music category, housed in a DVD-case to declare affinity to exploitation shockers, Lendormin expressed solidarity with the politico-aesthetics of Romero’s zombie movies, and made an exquisitely unique music. Drummer Cris X went on to carve a name for himself in Noise, working with Merzbow, KK Null, Keiko Higuchi and Eugene Chadbourne. Guitarist Marco Maurizi (who also wrote a searing text about Romero - Cult Studs this was not! - which will find its place in the event in readings by Out To Lunch), fled Noise for animal-lib academia and Beatlesish folksong. Fundamentally opposed to all anniversaries, tributes and LP-recreations (tired excuses for tired souls!), AMM All-Stars broke their own rules when they invited Cris X, sLapPer – camp cabaret powered by the best rock’n’roll trio in London, or “L’Abbatoir – et le Monkey Shines Again …” – and Mint Douche – a vehicle for Gabba Zappa Hey!’s guitarist Graham Davis and his echt London song-writing, here with a specially-written “zombie” set – to stage a ZOMBIE NITE FOR DEAD ROMERO at Café Oto. Artists Len Massey, Eleanor Crook and Andrew Stockwell have been given free space for visual free-play and enraged splatter.

Trombones! Bass throb!! Ripping snorks!!! Zombie harmonica chorus!!!! Detailed infinitesimal recordings of innerbody enzymatic breakdowns. Unnerving shrieks. Piercing cries like doowop falsettos. Foley effects dripping with squelch and gore. The crest of the unknown rearing in the midst of technical dust! Juddering riffs. Infinite twang. Duane Eddy. Sudden bursts of hand-drum. Pubescents at Halloween!!!

Marco Maurizi and Stefan Jaworzyn won’t do it anymore - so Dave Black and Chevalier Chevalier and Graham Davis take over. Bloody bludgeons in horrorscope syncopation. Scruff ventures. Ectoplasm! Plaster nuptials. The ghost of Derek smiles on us.

Excerpt from an episode of Ben Watson's Late Lunch With Out To Lunch with special guest alto saxophonist Trevor Watts. Sound engineer: Tariq Haque.

AMM All-Stars stand with Lendormin’s MANIFESTO in Night Dawn Day: Music for George Romero:

What Zombie Nite for Dead Romero is not:

An “alternative” soundtrack
A goth celebration of convenient nihilism
A hipster raid on mass culture

What Zombie Nite for Dead Romero shall be:

“A movie for your ears” (no narrative analogy!)
A punk exorcism of childish nightmares
A celebration of George Romero as rocknroll hero

Extravagantly-outkitted zombies rewarded with a 25% reduction on the door price …