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Glorias Navales – 12.4.17

Glorias Navales are five member ensemble based in Santiago, Chile. Their jam is somewhere between Chilean folk music (ala Violeta Parra) and ramshackle post-Velvets psychedelia. Crafted on acoustic guitars, rabel and bombo chino (drum), this recording teases out lines from their stunning debut LP 'Cofradia Nautica' on Graham Lambkin's KYE, taking new, fuzzed out trips along the way. This particular show made Clive Bell's end of year list. 



1. 12.4.17 - 41:19


Recorded live at Cafe OTO by Shaun Crook on Wednesday 4th April 2017. Mixed and mastered by Jimmy Dunn good again. 

Available as 320k MP3 or 24 bit FLAC

Glorias Nevalas

Glorias Navales started as an acoustic trio of guitar duo and a hand-made “Bailes Chino” drum and a rabel fiddle. They rehearsed constantly in a basement in Santiago, Chile.

Different origins gathered around the triangle formed by the band.

After more than a year of rehearsing, creating, and composing, a cassette came out on Traición 73 Records followed by the group’s first live presentations. Shortly thereafter KYE records published Glorias Navales’ first LP, Cofradía Náutica, a collection of live and studio recordings.

A while later the band incorporated a ukulele before touring Europe turning into a five piece.

October 2018 is when their second LP on A Wave Press is coming out.

Electrical instruments has been added now to configure their new sound.

Melancholy and hope join intuitively in basic and repetitive melodies.