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AMM – Until The Next Time

More than half a century has elapsed since the founding of the legendary British free improvisation group AMM. We could say there would be no free improvisation as we know it today without AMM’s Eddie Prévost, John Tilbury and Keith Rowe. The mystery surrounding AMM has not faded; to the contrary, even nowadays it carries a particular appeal due to its engaged, intelligible and nonetheless radical message.

As N.O. Moore writes in the ‘Until The Next Time’ liner notes:

“The musician makes music audible. The improviser makes music differ from itself.

AMM calls forth music at the same time as simply allowing it to arrive, unbidden, as if sound were as indifferent to us as any other natural phenomena.

Against the egalitarianism of sounds (…), we reserve the right to fail – that is, we take the risk of evaluation. Next time, we will get it right? … That is the wrong question. AMM: the next time is to be heard here, now, sounding out … almost.”

The 180g vinyl includes an insert with photos and liner notes by N.O. Moore.


Eddie Prévost – percussion
Keith Rowe – guitar, electronics
John Tilbury – piano