Annette Peacock – Four Colour Risograph Print (A3)

Four-colour risograph A3 poster print for Annette Peacock's super-rare shows at OTO in November. Printed by Ditto Press from an original design by Oliver Barrett.

Printed on Munken 170gsm paper in black/purple/blue/green.

Annette Peacock

‘Annette Peacock's wondrous, immersive trailblaze across recorded music's rich history has marveled the likes of David Bowie, Brian Eno and one-time collaborator Salvador Dalí. Peacock once jokingly told The Quietus she has been fighting her way back to reality ever since taking LSD at Timothy Leary's Millbrook estate in the early 1960s. Her plunge into otherworldly sonic wellsprings made her one of the first artists to synthesize her own vocals, pioneering the realms of minimalism, free jazz, rap, classical music and psychedelic funk along the way. After Robert Moog gifted Peacock one of his elusive prototype-synthesizers, she started implementing the makeshift device into her already individualistic, free-form lingo of songwriting and composing. To hear music skip so radically across exotic new touchstones, who needs reality, right?’ – Le Guess Who