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Antoine Beuger – jankélévitch sextets

64-minute piece by Antoine Beuger, composed in 2004, and beautifully realised by Apartment House.

"It’s from a series of pieces I composed, each for a different number of players, from two to twenty. And the number in each piece is really important, because everything that happens can only happen in a situation where there are, in this case, six people. The question I was really involved with in this whole series was how is it to play with this particular number of musicians? It’s quite easy to see that to be two is somehow different from being three. But with five, six, seven, it becomes less easy to grasp the difference. But there will always be differences."

Apartment House: James Opstad (double bass)
Mark Knoop (accordion)
Heather Roche (bass clarinet)
Mira Benjamin (violin)
Joe Qiu (bassoon)
Bridget Carey (viola)

Artwork by Jack Vickridge
Another Timbre. 2021