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Bad@Maths – PROSEGUR

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'PROSEGUR' is the obliterating Slip debut of North-Eastern security force Bad@Maths: pulped voices scrawled on wasted digital clatter.

The voices of Elvin Brandhi and Odie Ji Ghast have stamped themselves inexorably on the Slip catalogue - Ghast's swoops and blabbers and Brandhi's doosmday swaggers all over pairings with bassist Otto Willberg and pop-garbler Mykl Jaxn (as Yeah You) respectively.

As Bad@Maths, the duo's inimitable speaking-in-tongues practice lurches through electronic daggers and gunge. Elvin and Odie's roaming productions are a smash-and-grab on the furthest reaches of contemporary trap and grime, their voices re-animating 'net-culled spirits amongst whipslap beats. Modern mores, nasty drift.

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Lfin Bfrandii +PLU0ss DJ TJI GHAAAST, \ The live brain-storming 6.6 part ‘PLAY’

theatrical subversion of forms.


Commuter content will crawl out the code hoop, thanks to slip the host of the next and

first Audio Relish, will about to drop

Bad @ maths present visceral ramble in incalculable gesturers that reject the polemics of

self surveillance aspiring toward predictability as a social context. They mimic mitigate

potential deformations of subject surveillance ,,PROSEGUR,,

Bad at maths parody ignorance in face of conformist logic, refusing free trial run of the

user friendly fortification fetters. Their obnoxious musical slap-stick forges sloppy

alternatives to automation, and cannot tempt the contemporary yet but at least deplores

itself for being somewhat head long into that process.

Obscuring physical identity, they displace

and refrain from plotting strategic co-

ordinates of self definition, disqualifying their efforts from the naturalised phenomena of

identity as policy and persona as currency. Rolling over into an obtuse overflow of

impersonal emotive compositions, and turbulently evoked memes that start up

fragmented conjectures (starved of relevant conjectures).

The personality and it’s all it’s reproducible faces as a common currency is put to waste,

squandered kept behind lazy attempts at personalised arts and crafts masks. The main

point is to deface, leaving as much room as possible for gestural re-facing,

communication independent of an interface.

Their sound is shout out, jazz doom snack tracks fit for the flippant attention span of the

modern user. obviously presuming it’s too late to cater for to other kinds of immaterial

appetite... though they still try to ignite realm extension in flight mode -

‘reaping havoc the regurgitation from where the damn forts chords crack.’


2018 /midst the cement malls of i-phonic 666 digital anti-christ

ears as the gills of the soul



Presenting sixsixsix types of commercially extinct species

piano fingers

heart to heart slapstick

the egregious faceless


supermarket panting

Fame parching

compartment exoticism



Bad at maths - fight for the right for no solution

Abducted from the stagnant fit of engendered solubility, wrenched from the jaws of no


Against self descriptions_______________